Cisco Metro 1500 Series (MAN DWDM)

Cisco Metro 1500 in an EMC environment

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Product Bulletin, No. 1192

Product Bulletin, No. 1192

EMC and Cisco Optical Storage Networking

Building the optical infrastructure that will enable the extension of storage networks across the metropolitan area network using DWDM technology.
Storage networking is emerging as a critical component of every enterprise's IT strategy. EMC and Cisco have come together to create a joint vision that will provide customers with utility-like, highly available, scalable, and responsive access to information for any system from any location on the enterprise network or Internet. EMC Enterprise Storage Networks (ESN) combined with the Cisco Enterprise Dense Wave Division Multiplexer (DWDM) platform offer customers a qualified, cost-effective, and easily managed solution with virtually unlimited connectivity points across metropolitan distances.

An ESN from EMC unites all your IT resources into one dynamic, information-centric E-Infostructure. Because it is truly open and heterogeneous, ESN offers exponentially more than either SAN or NAS alone. It offers universal data access for every major computing platform, operating system, and application across any combination of SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Fibre Channel, and ESCON technologies. It integrates Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems, CLARiiON Midrange Storage systems, EMC Connectrix, EMC Celerra File Server systems, advanced network technology, enterprise storage software, consulting, and services—all into one comprehensive solution.

Figure 1 Storage Network Extension Using DWDM Technology

The Cisco Metro 1500 is an industry-leading, protocol-independent, cost-effective DWDM optical network solution that supports 32 wavelengths per fiber. Enterprise customers can expand the distance and application capabilities of existing LAN, MAN, and storage equipment while addressing the need to move large amounts of data, voice, and video quickly and transparently. The Metro 1500 allows customers to build serverless offices through cost-effective data center consolidation.

Combined with the Cisco Optical Networking Solution, ESN extends your data center to a virtually limitless, accessible, and invaluable information resource anywhere in the enterprise, no matter what. Customers will enjoy the following benefits with a joint EMC—Cisco Optical Networking Solution:

High-performance data replication

Cost-effective virtual data centers

Increased performance with simplified storage network connectivity