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Cisco ONS 15500 Series Protection Switch Modules Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Cisco ONS 15500 Series Protection Switch Modules

The Cisco® ONS 15500 Series Protection Switch Module (PSM) provides fiber trunk protection in a point-to-point Metro dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) network. The PSM provides protection against a fiber cut by optically splitting the data streams over two diverse paths. This new protection scheme now offers disaster recovery and business continuance solutions based on the Cisco ONS 15530 and ONS 15540 at even more competitive price points.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible protection options—The protection switch module is an addition to the extensive array of protection mechanisms on the Cisco ONS 15500 Series. The ONS 15500 Series provides customers with various protection options, giving them the flexibility to choose the appropriate level of protection based on cost and their requirements for network resiliency.
  • Cost effectiveness—The PSM-based protection is one of the most cost-effective means to provide service resiliency in an optical network. The solution significantly reduces the initial capital expenditure of the Metro DWDM solution giving customers a cost-effective entry-level solution.
  • Fast switchover performance—The protection switch module completes the service switchover in less than 50 milliseconds, which helps ensure minimal disruption to data traffic.
  • Integrated for ease of provisioning and management—The PSM fully integrates with the Cisco ONS 15540 and ONS 15530. Customers can easily deploy and manage this protected solution using the Cisco IOS® command-line interface or Cisco Transport Manager and CiscoView.
  • Supports amplified networks—The PSM-based network can be extended through the use of optical amplifiers. Using either a pre-amplifier or post-amplifier, customers can further extend the reach of their Metro DWDM networks over longer distances, a critical requirement for today's disaster recovery solutions.

Optical Specifications

  155xx Protection Switch Module
Connector type

MU/UPC: < 0.15 dB insertion loss

Switchover performance

< 50 ms

Optical monitoring tap


Receiver Specification Min Max
Insertion loss—TX (optical add drop multiplexer [OADM]) to fiber trunk

2.7 dB

3.7 dB


Insertion loss—Fiber trunk to RX (OADM)


1.7 dB


Operating temperature

0° C (32° F)

55° C (131° F)


Operating wavelength

1525 nm

1565 nm


Ordering Information

Product Code Description Minimum Cisco IOS Software Release

ONS 15540 Protection Switch Module



ONS 15530 Protection Switch Module


* CLEI Codes are available upon request.