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Cisco 12000 Series Line Cards: Part Numbers EoL Announcement

Product Bulletin No. 1590

Cisco 12000 Series Line Cards with Part Numbers


End-of-Life Announcement

Cisco Systems is announcing the end of life for the four-port OC-12/STM-4 line cards with Part Numbers 4OC12/POS-IR-SC and 4OC12/POS-MM-SC. The same functionality and feature set is available on the new 4OC12E/POS-IR-SC and 4OC12/POS-MM-SC.

Models Covered by This End-of-Life Announcement

Product Number Product Description
Cisco 12000 Series Products



Four-port OC12/STM4 Packet Over SONET/SDH

with Enhanced Upgrade—SM with SC


Four-port OC12/STM4 Packet Over SONET/SDH

with Enhanced Upgrade—MM with SC

Key Dates:

Milestone TTM 4OC-12 Versions

FCS Date


End-of-sales on TTM 4OC-12


End-of-contract Renewals




End-of-Sales for TTM 4OC-12

The first production versions of the 4OC-12 POS line card known as TTM 4OC-12 are not orderable after December 1, 1999.


Customers that have purchased TTM 4OC-12 POS line cards will have one year from the end-of-sale announcement to upgrade, for free, to Performance-based (Perf) 4OC-12 line cards. An active program will be in place for the year-long period, where customers will have the option to automatically receive free upgrades. The upgrades will only be authorized if a TTM 4OC-12 POS sales order can be referred to.

After October 2000, upgrades to Perf 4OC-12 POS need to use the standard Technology Migration Plan (TMP) credit program.

Calculations for credits or trade-in values can be found by using the TMP calculator found at:

End-of-Contract Renewals

Service contracts on these products will not be renewed after 12/01/2002.


The TTM line cards will be supported by Cisco TAC through 2002, but no changes to the functionality of the line card or enhancements can be made under any conditions. If issues with the TTM 4OC-12 card arise and additional capabilities are necessary or there are issues with existing functionality, then the card needs to be upgraded to the Perf 4OC-12 POS line card.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your Cisco account representative.