Cisco 500 Series Content Engines

Cisco Cache Engine 2050 End of Life Bulletin - No. 928

Product Bulletin

Cisco Cache Engine 2050
End of Life Bulletin

With the introduction of the next generation Cisco Cache Engine 500 Series, Cisco Systems will no longer offer the Cisco Cache Engine 2050. The corresponding Cache Engine 2050 SMARTnet contracts will no longer be sold.

The following is a summary of the Cache Engine 2050 obsolescence plan:

Last Orderable Date September 30, 1999

Last Shipment Date

October 15, 1999

Last Support Date

June 30, 2002

Replacement Product

EOL Product Part # Replacement Product Part #

Cache Engine 2050


Cache Engine 550


Software Support

The Cache Engine 1.7.6 software release is the final release that will be supported on the Cache Engine 2050.

Investment Protection---Upgrade Path

Cisco Systems offers an attractive upgrade path from the Cache Engine 2050 to the new Cache Engine 550 through the Cisco Technology Migration Program, which will begin on September 15, 1999. Contact your local sales representative or Cisco reseller for more information.