Digital Network Architecture (DNA) for Education
Digital Network Architecture (DNA) for Education

Digital Network Architecture
(DNA) for Education

Today’s campuses are connected, educators collaborate,
administrators are informed, and students are empowered to learn.
So, how will you enable transformation on your campus?

With Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), network management is simpler,
faster, and more flexible than ever. Our approach simplifies IT, utilizes analytics
for facilities optimization and reduces risks with security everywhere, laying the
foundation for digital transformation on your campus.

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Lower complexity and costs with automation

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Roll out and update campus networks faster for improved user experience and reduced day-to-day operational and network management costs with automation, management, and application assurance.

IT can now manage services across hundreds of devices and sites, delivering a more dynamic network that provisions, expands and reallocates services quickly across different platforms with no service calls.


Fast innovation with enhanced insights

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Generate real-time and historical analytics to optimize space utilization, provide more relevant student experiences, and increase faculty productivity.

Utilizing the network’s insights and intelligence, IT and administrators can better understand network patterns related to users, applications, and devices, furthering operational efficiencies such as lighting, room utilization and waste removal on campus, while enhancing the student experience.

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Reduce risks with security everywhere

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Secure student data anywhere, in real-time, with continuous, faster threat detection and full visibility into malicious behavior.

By embedding security everywhere with the industry’s best threat protection, IT can detect and contain threats over 1000 times faster than the industry average.