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Smart+Connected Real Estate

Redefine the Real Estate Experience

Today’s real estate market is filled with opportunities. Market trends including workforce globalization, environmental and social responsibility, and a growing worldwide population favor building transformation. The next generation of real estate and building services will turn workplaces and home spaces into environments that are personalized, efficient, functional, and profitable. Smart+Connected Real Estate:

  • Enhances the end user experience
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Provides environmentally sustainable properties


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Deliver high touch, personalized and dynamic gaming experiences.


Improve staff productivity and personalize guest experiences.

Redefining the Mall Experience

Redefining the Mall Experience
Targeted, interactive advertising with centralized media management.

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Cisco Smart+Connected Real Estate Brochure
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Cisco Smart+Connected Real Estate is redefining the real estate experience

Cisco Connected Real Estate At-a-Glance
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Smart Buildings Offer Clever Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption
Internet technologies are helping integrate environmental building controls for greater efficiencies.

Connected Real Estate: Essays from Innovators in Real Estate, Design, and Construction
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Case Studies

VITP Case study

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Ave Maria Foundation Lowers Costs and Improves Services by Integrating Building Systems
(PDF - 239 KB)

Gruppo RETI Creates Showcase Intelligent Building
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Energy City Qatar Incorporates Communications Technologies into Real Estate Master Plan
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