Smart+Connected Communities

Smart+Connected Communities

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"Just as the Internet has transformed our businesses and personal lives, it will now transform our cities and communities. Everything will be connected, from healthcare to education, government, buildings, physical security and much more — truly everything. Cities that embrace technology will be those who lead in the future, achieving significant environmental, social and economic sustainability."

Wim Elfrink, Executive Vice President, Cisco Services & Chief Globalization Officer

A Smart+Connected Community

Ave Maria Foundation lowers costs and improves services by integrating building systems onto a Cisco network.

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Smart+Connected Communities

Learn how to improve infrastructure, devise processes for economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

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Cisco's Smart+Connected Communities helps transform physical communities into connected communities that can help:

  • Realize sustainable economic growth
  • Enable environmental sustainability through resource management and operational efficiencies
  • Enhance quality of life

We work with customers from idea to execution and use vertical solutions built on the network as an open integrated platform, along with a broad ecosystem of partners and innovative business models, to change the way communities are designed, built, managed, and renewed.

Smart+Connected Communities provide "Community+Connect" experience for the constituents (residents and business) as well as a "Community+Exchange" for those who manage the community. We understand how important it is for governments and their private sector partners to ensure a thriving, safe community where constituents are free to live, work, learn, and play.

Constituents of Smart+Connected Communities have access to information and services that enrich their lives, with solutions for their home, schools, transportation, and more. We call this the "Community+Connect" experience.

We understand how important it is for governments and their private sector partners to foster a thriving, safe community where constituents are free to live, work, learn, and play. Cisco has created solutions that can help with the planning, and day-to-day operations and management of a community. We refer to this as "Community+Exchange".

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As communities develop and grow, they struggle with a variety of complex and conflicting priorities such as safety and security, efficient delivery of government services, education, and healthcare. At Cisco, we believe that communities can be connected to enable real-time information exchange, facilitate interaction, and provide access to resources that help spur economic, social and environmental sustainability, and enhance the quality of life for its constituents.

Home/Residential Experience:
Imagine having quick and easy access to the information and government services you need to enhance your personal and professional life. For example, accessing real-time data about your home's energy use or visiting the doctor or attending school from the comfort of your living room. All this and more is possible when you live in a Smart+Connected Community.

Fan Experience:
The excitement, the competition, the passion for "the game" has connected communities for thousands of years. Cisco Connected Sports solutions connect fans with their favorite teams--and each other--in entirely new ways with more immersive, interactive, and personalized experiences. From more efficient travel options to and safe and secure venues, the network is the platform that transforms the very nature of our sports and entertainment experiences today.

Office Experience:
Have you ever worked in an office building that knew when you arrived each morning and left at night? A building that turned your business applications on and off automatically? Can your office send an alert to security when an unidentified package is left at the door or notify you about peaking energy use? Where you had access to a personalized office of your own, even if you were just visiting? Now you can.

School Experience:
Imagine a school where learning extends beyond classroom walls, students are exposed to a wider world of information and experience, and people can collaborate in real time, from anywhere. This technology also helps ensure a safe, highly secure, and connected learning environment that protects students, teachers, and staff, safeguards buildings, networks, and grounds, and connects with parents and first responders in case of emergencies.

Shopping Experience:
Image an experience where you can reserve and pay for parking before leaving home; receive real-time sales incentives on your mobile device upon entering the store; be secure in knowing that you are protected through the real-time video surveillance system installed by your retailer. You could enjoy your shopping experience like never before.

Wellness Experience:
Imagine receiving services from best-in-class healthcare organizations that provide you with an enhanced patient experience, privacy, and safety. Where healthcare organizations deliver affordable and accessible healthcare services whenever, wherever, and however required to improve the quality of patient care.

Transportation Experience:
From roads, to railways, to airports, transportation is the heart of any community. What if your transportation services were smart, safe, and energy efficient. What if you could access real-time transit information to determine the best way to travel to and from work? You can now.

Government Experience:
Imagine a government experience that is engaging, where you can access the information you need to live, work, learn and play in that community. Public safety and security is top of mind and government offices and community transportation systems are designed for citizens of all ages and meet GhG reduction mandates.


Government visionaries and their private sector community partners can take a sustainable management approach to help ensure thriving communities. "Community+Exchange" is a back office operations center, "behind the scenes approach" that streamlines planning and management operations at the community level. By providing the network as a highly secure and resilient service delivery platform, you can share information and collaborate across a community's ecosystem of government agencies and private sector partners to facilitate utilities planning, transportation systems enhancements, and health and government social services needs.

Using an intelligent IP-based network platform to address energy, water, and gas management and consumption, Cisco delivers comprehensive utility management services. Smart+Connected Utilities solutions help agencies:

  • Gain better visibility into energy consumption
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve operational and energy efficiencies
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Build the foundation for highly secure, intelligent transportation systems across multiple modalities to foster innovative, real-time communications and collaboration while helping ensure safety and security. Smart+Connected Transportation integrates workplaces, residential buildings, travel service providers, airlines, and hotels onto a single platform promoting a seamless transportation experience to increase sustainability and productivity. These solutions enable communities to:

  • Increase productivity during the daily commute
  • Improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact
  • Optimize community transportation and logistics management
  • Deliver critical citizen services anytime, anywhere

Safety & Security:
Enhance the capabilities of emergency and security personnel with real-time access to information that helps automate detection analysis, coordinate incident response, and facilitate better communication and collaboration, while helping to ensure a safe community. Smart+Connected Safety & Security solutions lead to:

  • Automatic and unobtrusive detection and prevention
  • Informed assessment and coordinated response
  • Reduced human error and time lag
  • Increased effectiveness of response

Real Estate:
Enable more effective building resource management for increased operating efficiency. Smart+Connected Real Estate is responsive to its users' needs and adjusts quickly to changing requirements, both internal and external. Cisco Connected Workplace and Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions make new and existing buildings:

  • More energy efficient and productive workplaces
  • More economical to operate
  • Easier to manage with centralized functions
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Able to deliver new revenue streams

Cisco simplifies healthcare communications using a network of interoperable technologies that better connect patients with medical providers, payers, and life science organizations, linking critical information, people, and knowledge to improve the healthcare experience. Smart+Connected Health, supported by the Cisco Medical Grade Network, helps communities:

  • Deliver care to patients more effectively
  • Expand preventive healthcare initiatives
  • Boost the overall health of communities

Build the foundation to engage citizens of all ages, promote prosperity, help attract a new generation of employees, and ensure public safety. Smart+Connected Government solutions give government agencies the ability to be more connected, contain costs, and better serve the needs of an on-demand culture by:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of public safety, justice, and corrections agencies
  • Improving workforce productivity
  • Enhancing citizen experience and quality of life