Cisco PGW 2200 Softswitch Release 9 Dial Plan Guide (through Release 9.7)
Appendix C. Dial Plan Worksheets
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Dial Planning Worksheets

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Dial Planning Worksheets

Dial Planning Worksheets

Revised: January 20, 2011, OL-1141-21

This appendix contains page-size copies of all the worksheets contained in this dial plan guide.

This includes all of the following:

Table C-1, Trunk Worksheet C-1

Table C-2, Dial Plan Worksheet C-3

Table C-3, Result Types Worksheet C-4

Table C-4, Digit Modification Table Worksheet C-5

Table C-5, Service Name Table Worksheet C-6

Table C-6, NOA Table Worksheet C-7

Table C-7, NPI Table Worksheet C-8

Table C-8, Cause Table Worksheet C-9

Table C-9, Location Table Worksheet C-10

Table C-1 Trunk Worksheet

Trunk ID
Source Signaling Service
Source Span
Source Span ID
Source Time slot/CIC
Destination Signaling Service
Dest Span
Dest Span ID
Dest Time Slot/CIC
Line Type
Multiple Trunk Field
































































































































































































































































Table C-2

Dial Plan Worksheet

Table C-3

Result Types Worksheet

Table C-4

Digit Modification Table Worksheet

Table C-5

Service Name Table Worksheet

Table C-6

NOA Table Worksheet

Table C-7

NPI Table Worksheet

Table C-8

Cause Table Worksheet

Table C-9

Location Table Worksheet