User Guide for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace for IBM Lotus Notes Release 8.6 (MeetingPlace Scheduling)
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Changing Your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Password

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace passwords expire periodically. When they do, you must set a new password.

Before You Begin

This procedure is based on IBM Lotus Notes Release 8. The interface may differ slightly for other releases of IBM Lotus Notes.

    Step 1   Sign in to IBM Lotus Notes and open your IBM Lotus Notes calendar.
    Step 2   Select More > Preferences.
    Step 3   Select the Calendar & To Do tab.
    Step 4   Select the MeetingPlace tab.
    Step 5   Enter your current password.
    Step 6   Enter your new password.
    Step 7   Retype your new password.
    Step 8   Select Change Password then select OK.