User Guide for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 8.6 (MeetingPlace Scheduling)
Troubleshooting and Getting Help
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Troubleshooting and Getting Help


Troubleshooting and Getting Help

Where to Find Documentation

This release of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace provides two sets of user documentation, depending on whether you are scheduling and attending from the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace or Cisco WebEx.

For the latest version of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace end-user documentation available on, visit the following: http:/​/​​en/​US/​products/​sw/​ps5664/​ps5669/​products_​user_​guide_​list.html.

For Cisco WebEx end-user documentation, including information about the web meeting room, select Help > Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Help from the web meeting room.

Error Messages

Error Message Possible Cause Solution
Session in use

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace keeps session information about each user who connects to the home page to find, schedule, or update a meeting or configure account settings. The session information is kept for a minimum of one hour from the your last session up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Select Force New Login on the sign-in page.

Meeting ID not found

It is possible that your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system is configured for both internal (on the company network) and external (Internet) access and that you have accessed the URL for external access.

Check the URL you entered and make sure that it is directed to go to the internal system. This might require you to contact the meeting scheduler or system administrator. If you know the URL for the internal system, try using your meeting ID on that web site.

No system resources available for operation

Your system does not have enough web conferencing licenses available.

Contact your system administrator to have more web conferencing licenses added to your system or wait until some licenses become available (such as when other end users have finished their web meetings).

Meeting too soon to attend


Open a browser and join your meeting by searching for it from the Find Meeting button then selecting Connect.

Session is stale

You signed in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace from a different location than the one you originally used and the system disconnected your first browser connection.

Close the connection with the stale session and try to connect again.

You signed in but did not participate in the session for over an hour. The system disconnected you to free some room for new users and informs you that your session is stale.

A WebEx meeting is already in progress. You must use another browser to start a second meeting.

You are trying to attend a second meeting from the same web browser.

Open a different web browser and attend your second meeting from there. For example, if you are attending your first meeting on Internet Explorer, attend your second meeting from Firefox.

Sorry, you cannot schedule or change this meeting due to one or more of these reasons: you do not have scheduling privileges, the meeting is already active because it is about to begin, or this is an external web server.

Possible causes for this error include:

  • You are not the owner or scheduler of this meeting.
  • The meeting is active, and you cannot change a meeting in progress.
  • The meeting URL is directed to an external system, and not an internal system.

Try one or more of these solutions:

  • If you are not the owner or scheduler, you must be a delegate of the meeting owner, a system administrator, or attendant.
  • Check the URL you entered and make sure that it is directed to go to the internal system. This might require you to contact the meeting scheduler or system administrator. If you know the URL for the internal system, try using your meeting ID on that web site.
Error scheduling meeting

The Cisco WebEx site is set up to require meeting passwords.

Ask your system administrator to make sure that the Cisco WebEx site is set up to not require passwords for meetings:

  • Uncheck All meetings must have a password.
  • Uncheck Require strict passwords for meetings.
WebEx Schedule Meeting Failed

The system was unable to schedule your meeting for the reason indicated on your screen.

Use the tips provided to try to reschedule your meeting. Some common reasons for scheduling failure include:

  • You did not enter all the required information.
  • If you specified a meeting ID, it is not unique for the date, time, and duration for which you are scheduling the meeting. Try changing the meeting ID.
  • There are not enough resources available on the system at the date and time for which you are trying to schedule the meeting. Try choosing a different date or time or entering a smaller number of participants, if possible.
Meeting ID is unavailable

To allow participants to join a meeting shortly before the meeting officially begins, and to enable a meeting to be extended if necessary, the actual duration that the system reserves for a meeting might exceed the time that the scheduler specifies. Therefore, it might not be possible to schedule two meetings that include the same meeting ID very close together. The system administrator makes the settings that affect this functionality.

Choose a different meeting ID.

The meeting being scheduled is different than the one in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

It is possible that you selected the Schedule button twice before the system had a chance to respond. This results in a delay between the scheduled meeting and the response.

Use the Find Meeting tab to see if your meeting was scheduled before attempting to schedule the meeting again.

Guest profile is reserved for system use and cannot be used for current operation

Your meeting was scheduled to only allow Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile users. No guests are allowed.

Reschedule the meeting allowing guest users.

[5164] No Mtg was found with the specified Mtg ID

You are trying to access a meeting that took place over 24 hours ago on an external web server.

Sign in to the internal web server and search for the same meeting. The meeting should appear as a past meeting and the recording should be available as part of the meeting.

[12445] Error creating new user.

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile number is in use.

These errors are related to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace integration with Cisco WebEx and Cisco Unity Connection.

Contact your system administrator to ensure that your Cisco WebEx username and your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace match the Alias field in your Cisco Unity Connection user account.

Error attempting to communicate with the telephony

The time difference between the Cisco WebEx server and the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server is too long (over 6 minutes) and is causing authentication between the two servers to fail.

Contact your system administrator.

The system has not yet created the voice meeting.

From the web meeting room, try to join the voice portion of your meeting again by selecting Audio > Join Teleconference.

You are no longer connected to the meeting. Trying to reconnect...

You are trying to join an internal meeting from outside the firewall.

Verify the meeting ID to make sure that you are accessing the correct meeting. If you are, contact the meeting scheduler and request that the meeting be rescheduled as an external meeting.

Sign In Problems

Cannot Sign In Through the Phone

I cannot sign in by phone or by using Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView on my Cisco Unified IP Phone, or I get an error when I sign in.

Possible Cause    Your profile is not initialized in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system.

Solution    Go first to your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace and sign in using your username and password to initialize your profile. Then try to sign in again through your standard or Cisco Unified IP Phone.

Prompted for Profile Password During Outdial

Possible Cause    Your profile password has expired and the system requires you to change it before allowing you access to the meeting.

Solution    Enter your profile password then follow the voice prompts to change your password.

Cannot Remember My Phone Profile Number

Solution    If you do not know your web user username and password, contact your system administrator. If you do know your web username and password, see Finding Your Profile Information and look at the Profile Number field.

Nothing Happens After Sign In

Possible Cause    When you sign in as a guest you may need approval. An approval message will be presented to the host. If the request is declined, entrance to the meeting is not possible and a message stating that the request was declined is displayed.

Solution    If you think that the request was declined in error, contact the meeting host or organizer.

Cannot Sign In with the Same User Name

Possible Cause    You checked Remember Me the last time you signed in.

Solution    Sign out, sign in again and uncheck Remember Me before selecting Sign In.

Cannot See Sign In Entries

I checked Remember Me and now when I try to sign in, my sign-in entries get erased and I cannot sign in.

Solution    Close the browser window, then open a new browser window and re-enter the URL of your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server.

Scheduling Problems

Cannot Schedule Web Meeting

I am trying to schedule a meeting with both web and audio. When I select Schedule, I get a system message asking if I want to schedule an audio-only meeting.

Possible Cause    Web meetings are dependent on the availability of web licenses. If you try to schedule a meeting when there are not enough web licenses available, the system will give you the option to schedule a meeting with audio only.

Solution    If an audio-only meeting is not suitable, try to change the time or date of your meeting or consider limiting your list of participants.

No Notifications After Updating Microsoft Outlook-Scheduled Meeting

I scheduled a meeting using Microsoft Outlook and then modified the meeting using another interface, but none of the invitees received an updated meeting notification.

Possible Cause    When you schedule a meeting using Microsoft Outlook and then modify or delete the meeting using a different interface, such as the web, the system does not send out updated notifications.

If you modify your Microsoft Outlook-scheduled meeting with the Microsoft Outlook Web application, no update will be sent to your invitees.

For your current meeting, send an email with the updated meeting information to your invitees. In future, remember to modify or delete your meetings from the same interface that you used to schedule the meeting.

Issue When Rescheduling a Recurring Chain

User schedules a recurring meeting chain then modifies the meeting chain as follows:
  • User creates an exception by selecting one instance of the meeting chain and adding or deleting a participant (or video terminal) just for this instance.
  • User later selects an occurrence of the meeting chain and updates a participant (or video terminal) by adding, deleting, changing an email address and so on for all instances in the chain. User then reschedules the meeting.

The meeting chain is rescheduled with the new participant information. However, this change is not properly applied to the exception that was originally made. For this instance, the change is completely missing or is applied to the wrong participant.

Possible Cause    All participants, including video terminals, are assigned a part ID when they are originally invited to a meeting. When different participants are added to individual instances of a meeting chain, confusion between part IDs may arise resulting in lost information.
Solution    Do not use the "This and all future occurrences of the recurring meeting series" option when updating participant information for meeting chains that contain exceptions with customized participant lists. Instead, apply the participant information update to all individual instances separately.

Find Meeting Problems

Cannot See the Find Link

After entering the URL for my conferencing server, I see the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace home page but a number of links, including Schedule Meeting and Find Meeting, are missing.

Possible Cause    It is possible that your conferencing system is configured for both internal (on the company network) and external (Internet) access and that you have accessed the URL for external access.

Solution    Check the URL that you entered and make sure that it is directed to go to the internal system. This might require you to contact the meeting scheduler or system administrator.

Cannot Find a Meeting

Solution    Try refreshing the page to make sure you are viewing the most current data.

Meeting is Missing

The meeting I am looking for does not appear on the list, but I know it should be there.

Solution    Try the following solutions:

  • The list of meetings may be too long to fit on one screen. Select the links at the bottom to see more meetings in the list.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct radio button for the type of meeting or recording you are trying to find.
  • Check the date range of your search. Be sure you entered the year using four digits.
  • The meeting you are searching for may not be a published meeting .

Scheduler Does Not Receive Meeting Notifications

Solution    Try the following solutions:

  • Make sure that your email address is entered correctly in your profile.
  • The meeting scheduler may have entered your email address incorrectly when scheduling the meeting. Contact the scheduler to verify your email address.
  • Your system administrator may have set options that prevent you from receiving some or all meeting notifications. Contact your system administrator.
  • Network or other problems may exist. Contact your system administrator.

Meeting Notification Problems

Invitees Do Not Receive Meeting Notifications

Solution    The system automatically sends updated meeting notifications if any of the following changes:

  • Start time
  • Meeting ID
  • Password
  • List of invitees

No other changes will generate a notification. If you made one of the listed changes and still have a notification issue, consider the following:

  • The email addresses of your invitees might not be entered correctly in their profiles. Alert invitees who do not receive the notifications, and recommend that they check the addresses in their profiles.
  • You might not have entered the email addresses of your invitees correctly when you scheduled the meeting. Verify the addresses of invitees who do not receive the notifications.
  • Your system administrator might have set options that prevent some recipients from receiving some or all meeting notifications, or that prevent email notifications from being sent when you schedule or reschedule meetings. Contact your system administrator.

I Do Not Have a Username or Password

Solution    Contact your system administrator to request a username or password. Some meetings allow guests to sign in; other meetings may allow guests but only with the approval of the host, which may take a few minutes.

Password Problems

Forgotten Password

Solution    Contact your system administrator to reset your password.

Password Does Not Work

Check the following:
  • Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure Caps Lock is not on.
  • Make sure you entered the correct password; every profiled user has two passwords: one for signing in over the web and one for signing in using the telephone.
  • Contact your account administrator to verify access for the account.

Join Meeting Problems

Cannot Join a Meeting

I can sign in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace but cannot join a meeting.

Possible Cause    You entered an invalid meeting ID.
Solution    Verify and enter the correct meeting ID.
Possible Cause    The meeting is scheduled to begin at a different time.
Solution    Verify and join the meeting at the correct time.
Possible Cause    The meeting requires a password. To check, go to the Meeting Details page in the .
Solution    Make sure that you have the correct password. Contact the meeting organizer if you are not sure.
Possible Cause    This meeting is only for users with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profiles. To check, go to the Meeting Details page in the .
Solution    Ask your system administrator to create a user profile for you.
Possible Cause    The meeting has reached the configured maximum number of ports per meeting.
Solution    Contact your system administrator.
Possible Cause    You were invited as part of an email distribution list from Microsoft Outlook. Because Cisco Unified MeetingPlace for Microsoft Outlook does not expand distribution lists, the individual users on the distribution list are not added to the meeting.
Solution    Contact the meeting organizer and ask them to send you the meeting information so that you can join the meeting.

Trying to Join a Meeting Launches the Browse Meetings Page

I scheduled two meetings. When I try to join them, one of the browsers displays a Browse Meetings page rather than connecting me to the meeting.

Possible Cause    Cisco Unified MeetingPlace does not support a user scheduling and hosting two meetings at the same time.
Solution    Close the Browse Meetings page. Do not try and join a meeting from it. Instead, continue with the meeting that launched appropriately and reschedule the second meeting to start at a different time.

Voice Meeting Problems

Difficulty Hearing Participants

Solution    Ask the participant to increase the volume on their phone.

Excessive Background Noise

Solution    If you are a Host in the web meeting room, determine the source of the noise by seeing whose audio line is active in the Participants list, then mute the offending line.

Names Missing from Announcements

I do not hear the names of some participants when they enter or exit the meeting, even though the announcement options are set to Beep + Name.

Possible Cause    The name of the participant was probably not recorded when the participant signed in to the system. All participants are prompted to record their name when they join a meeting through an audio connection.

Solution    If you require that all participants in the audio portion of your meeting identify themselves by name, tell the participants that they must record their names when they hear the prompt.

Cannot Dial Out from the Web Meeting Room as a Host

Solution    Your system administrator will need to make sure that the following is checked in your Cisco WebEx account:

  • Call-in teleconferencing
  • Call-back teleconferencing
  • Global call-back teleconferencing
  • Other teleconference service

Also, make sure that your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile setting allows the system to dial out to you.

Muting Audio Does Not Mute Video Endpoint

I am attending my meeting from a video endpoint. When I press #5 to mute my audio, my video endpoint does not automatically mute.

Possible Cause    This is possibly due to a configuration issue. In a hardware media server configuration, when you choose to mute your audio during a meeting, your video endpoint is also muted automatically. However, this does not occur if your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system was configured with an Express Media Server.
Solution    Contact your system administrator if you are concerned about your media server configuration. Otherwise, use the mute function provided by your video endpoint.

Recording Problems

Starting Recording from the Phone Does Not Start Recording in the Web Meeting Room

Solution    This is as designed. Starting a recording by using the keypad from your phone does not automatically start a recording in the accompanying web meeting room. If you want to record both the audio and web portions of your meeting, manually start the recording from the web meeting room once you join the web meeting.

Recording is Missing Content

I started a recording from the phone. A few minutes later, I joined the web meeting and manually started the recording again from the web meeting room. When I downloaded the synchronized audio/web recording though, the few minutes of recording that I completed on the phone are missing.

Possible Cause    Any synchronized audio/web recording is deemed to have started when a user initiates the web recording. Any audio recording that takes place before the start of the web recording is clipped to match the duration of the audio recording with the web recording.
Solution    A separate audio recording should be available as a download from the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Recordings page.