User Guide for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 8.6 (MeetingPlace Scheduling)
Inviting Participants to a Meeting
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Inviting Participants to a Meeting

Inviting Participants to a Meeting

During the scheduling process, you can invite profiled users, teams, and guest users to your meeting. All invitees receive a notification that contains the meeting time and date, the phone number, and the meeting ID needed to join the meeting.

Meeting Permissions

All users enter a web meeting with unique meeting permissions depending on their role within the meeting.

Participant Type

Participant Permission

Meeting scheduler


Profiled invitees who sign in with their Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profiles and who have alternate host permissions set by the meeting host

Alternate Host

Guest invitees or profiled users who do not sign in with their Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profiles


Inviting Participants During the Scheduling Process

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes that you are currently scheduling or rescheduling a meeting from the .

    Step 1   Enter part or all of the user name or email address in the Add Invitees field.
    • As you enter characters in the name, the system suggests possible matches from the address book of users with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profiles.
    • Select a profile from the suggested list.

      If you do not select a profile from the address book, the user will be invited as a guest.

    Step 2   Select Add to add the user to the Invitees table.
    Step 3   In the Invitees table, choose meeting permissions and enter an email address for the user if this information is not prepopulated.

    Each user must have an email address, and at least one user must have Host permissions for the meeting. The scheduler is automatically assigned Host permissions.

    Step 4   Repeat Steps 1 to 3 to add more invitees.

    Inviting a Video Terminal to Your Meeting

    Before You Begin

    This procedure assumes that you are scheduling a meeting from the .

      Step 1   From the New Meeting scheduling page, check Invite video terminals .
      Step 2   Enter a search string (part or all of a video terminal name) in the Search Directory field and select the magnifying glass to update the list of video terminals you can invite to your meeting. Leave the search string blank to search for all applicable terminals.
      Step 3   To invite one or more video terminals to the meeting, choose the terminals from the directory list and select Add.
      Step 4   To remove one or more invited video terminals, choose the terminals from the invited terminals list and select Remove.
      Step 5   Select Check Availability to see the availability of the invited terminals on the day of the meeting.

      If the video terminals you invite are reserved for other meetings, the system will alert you of this conflict. This does not prevent you from scheduling these resources; the system allows video terminals to be reserved by multiple meetings.

      Check Availability is not enabled for recurring meetings.

      Step 6   Add additional invitees.
      Step 7   Select Schedule.