User Guide for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace for Outlook Release 8.5 (MeetingPlace Scheduling)
Joining Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Meetings from Microsoft Outlook
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Joining Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Meetings from Microsoft Outlook

Joining Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Meetings from Microsoft Outlook

Saving Meeting Notifications in your Email Inbox

When you schedule a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meeting using Microsoft Outlook, the system sends a meeting notification to all invitees in the default language of the person who scheduled the meeting. Invitees can accept or decline the meeting invitation. If they accept the invitation, the meeting details are added to their Microsoft Outlook calendar.

The Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system also sends meeting notifications whenever you modify or delete a meeting.

By default, meeting notifications are deleted from your email inbox after you accept or decline meetings. If you accept, the meeting information that was in the notification appears in your Microsoft Outlook calendar. You can use the following procedure to save meeting notifications in your email inbox.

Before You Begin

Sign in to Microsoft Outlook.

    Step 1   Select Tools > Options....
    Step 2   Select the Preferences tab.
    Step 3   Select E-mail Options....
    Step 4   Select Advanced E-mail Options....
    Step 5   Uncheck Delete meeting request from Inbox when responding.
    Step 6   Select OK three times.

    Joining a Web Meeting

    Before You Begin
    • Install the Microsoft Outlook plug-in.
    • Sign in to Microsoft Outlook.
    • Select Calendar.
      Step 1   Double-click the entry for the meeting that you want to attend.
      Step 2   If you are attending a recurring meeting, select Open this occurrence and select OK.
      Step 3   Select the Join Meeting link.

      To join a meeting from the meeting notification email, instead of doing steps 1 and 2, open the email message and select the Join Meeting link.

      Step 4   Sign in if necessary.
      Step 5   Select Attend Meeting.
      Step 6   Join the audio or video portion of your meeting.
      • If you see an Audio Conference window, select a phone number at which you want to receive a call back and then select OK.
      • If you do not see see an Audio Conference window, or the system does not call you, dial the call-in number that appears on the Meeting Info tab and follow the instructions that you hear on the phone.