Cisco Unified Presence Server Administration Guide, Release 1.0(2)
IP Phone Messenger Settings
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IP Phone Messenger Settings

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IP Phone Messenger Settings

Configuring IPPM Settings

IP Phone Messenger Settings

Use IP Phone Messenger (IPPM) settings to configure the settings that apply to all IPPM users.

Configuring IPPM Settings

Follow this procedure to configure the IPPM settings.


Step 1 Choose Application > IP Phone Messenger > Settings.

The IP Phone Messenger Settings window displays.

Step 2 Enter the appropriate settings as described in Table 21-1.

Step 3 To save the data, click the Save icon that displays in the tool bar in the upper, left corner of the window (or click the Save button that displays at the bottom of the window).

Table 21-1 IP Phone Messenger Configuration Settings 


IPPM Application Status

This parameter toggles the application on and off.

Application Username

This parameter specifies the default application username.

Application Password

This parameter specifies the default application password.

Max Contact List Size

The parameter specifies the maximum size for a contact list.

Range: 0-100 contacts

Max Instant Message History Size

This parameter specifies the maximum number of history messages.

Range: 1-1000 messages

Subscription Timeout (seconds)

This parameter specifies the subscription timeout.

Range: 100-86400 seconds

Publish Timeout (seconds)

This parameter specifies the publish timeout.

Range: 300-86400 seconds