Cisco Unified Presence Server Administration Guide, Release 1.0(2)
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Table Of Contents


Viewing the System Status

Finding Licensed Users


Use Status to display the Cisco Unified Presence Server System status.

Viewing the System Status

Use the following procedure to view the system status.


Step 1 Choose System > Status.

The Unified Presence Server System Status window displays.

Step 2 For a description of the status parameters, see Table 6-1.

Table 6-1 Sync Status Parameters 


Sync Information

This read-only field displays the IP address of the publisher server and when the sync occurred.

System Information

System Information displays the following read-only fields:

Number of end users

Number of phone devices

Number of licensed Cisco Unified Presence Server end users

Number of licensed Cisco Unified Personal Communicator end users

Number of assigned Microsoft Office Communicator end users

Finding Licensed Users

To find licensed users, follow this procedure:


Step 1 From the first Unified Presence Server System Status window drop-down list box, choose one of the following criteria:

begins with


is exactly

ends with

is empty

is not empty

Step 2 Specify the appropriate search text, if applicable, and click Find.

Tip To find all licensed users that are registered in the database, click Find without entering any search text.

A list of discovered licensed users displays.

Step 3 To display the devices associated with a user, click the Devices link.