Release Notes for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM and Presence Service, Release 9.0(1)
New and Changed Information
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New and Changed Information

New and Changed Information

The following sections describe new features and changes that are pertinent to IM and Presence Release 9.0(1). The sections may include configuration tips, information about users, and where to find more information.


For feature-related information pertaining to Unified CM, see the New and Changed Information for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 9.0(1) at http:/​/​​en/​US/​products/​sw/​voicesw/​ps556/​prod_​release_​notes_​list.html

Integration of Unified CM and IM and Presence

Unified CM and the IM and Presence Service are more closely integrated in release 9.0(1). This integration improves the installation and configuration experience for administrators. Here is a list of changes implemented in this release:

  • Unified CM and the IM and Presence service must be upgraded in the same maintenance window and both versions (major and minor) must align. Major and minor release numbers are defined as follows:


    where: 9 = major release number, x = minor release number and y = maintenance release number.

  • All Unified Communications user and service configuration in Cisco Unified Presence Release 8.x has moved to Unified CM 9.0 and will be centrally configured on Unified CM from release 9.0 on. This data is automatically migrated to Unified CM during upgrade of Cisco Unified Presence release 8.x to IM and Presence release 9.0.

  • Server and client licensing requirements have moved from IM and Presence to Unified CM.

Deprecated Features

The IM and Presence Service does not support the following:

  • IP Phone Messenger (IPPM)

  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Release 7.x


The Licensing system, specifically the License Usage Report, has been revised to track and report on the usage and consumption of licenses on a per-user basis and unassigned device by device type. Licenses are now installed on the Enterprise License Manager and are no longer installed on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. For more information, see the "Licensing" chapter of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Features and Services Guide.

Enterprise License Manager introduces centralized license fulfillment and management that collects license usage information for all connected publishers or servers, and compares them to the licenses installed on the Enterprise License Manager. The following functionality is introduced as part of Enterprise License Manager:

  • License migration utility – automatically migrates pre-Release 9.0 installed licenses once a system with pre-Release 9.0 installed licenses is upgraded to 9.0(1). The License Migration Utility bases its calculations on current configuration information (users, devices per user, and unassigned devices) and carries forward unused phone unit (device license units) licenses for use for conversion to 9.0 licenses.

  • License sharing – available licenses are shared between connected product instances to meet the total license requirements

  • Tiered license substitution – available higher level licenses are loaned to meet lower level license requirements

For more information, see the Enterprise License Manager User Guide.

Introduces Advanced User Connect License (not made commercially available). The following devices require Advanced User Licenses in 9.0(1):

  • Cisco IP Communicator

  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

  • Carrier-Integrated Mobile

  • Unified Client Services Framework

  • Cisco Telepresence EX60

  • Cisco Telepresence EX90

Cisco Unified Workspace License (UWL) Standard is allowed for up to two devices per user.

UWL Premium License (not made commercially available) is introduced. The following devices require UWL Premium Licenses in 9.0(1):

  • Cisco Dual Mode for Android

  • Cisco Dual Mode for iPhone

  • Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator

  • IMS-integrated Mobile


Software feature and node licenses are no longer applicable as of 9.0(1).

Single Screen and Multi Screen TelePresence licenses are no longer applicable and have been combined with one TelePresense Room License that applies for all immersive and multi-purpose TelePresence devices.

The following license types are no longer applicable:

  • UWL Entry


  • Adjunct UCL

  • Public space UCL

  • Video desktop UCL

  • Mobile UCL

  • Hotel UCL