Installing Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM and Presence Service, Release 9.0(1)
New in this release
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New in this release

New in this release

This chapter describes what is new in this release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service.

Rebranding to IM and Presence

Cisco Unified Presence is now known as the Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service. All GUIs and customer documentation have been rebranded accordingly.

Version Alignment

Release 9.0(1) provides a tighter integration between IM and Presence and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM). From Release 9.0(1) onwards, IM and Presence and Unified CM software versions must match. For two software versions to match, they must have the same major and minor release number. Major and minor release numbers are defined as follows:


where 9 = major release number, x = minor release number and y = maintenance release number.

For example, IM and Presence Release is compatible with Unified CM Release, but it is not compatible with Unified CM Release Similarly, Unified CM Release is not compatible with IM and Presence Release

For fresh installations, Unified CM 9.0(1) must be installed before IM and Presence 9.0(1) is installed. For upgrades, Unified CM must be upgraded to Release 9.0(1) before IM and Presence is upgraded. Upgrades must be performed within the same maintenance window.

Centralized profile configuration and data migration

From Release 9.0(1), the user UC service profile information for LDAP, Voicemail, Conferencing, Mailstore, CTI Gateway and Audio that was configured from the Application > CUPC/Cisco Jabber menu in Cisco Unified Presence Administration is now configurable on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) from the User Management > User Settings > UC Service and Service Profile menus. Therefore, when you upgrade from Cisco Unified Presence Release 8.x to IM and Presence Release 9.x, all user profile information is migrated to Unified CM. For more information about user migration, see the Upgrade Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Licensing simplification

The IM and Presence Service does not require a server license or software version license. IM and Presence is enabled on a per user basis, regardless of the number of clients you associate with each user. Release 9.0(1) supports a centralized user-based licensing system on Unified CM, whereby IM and presence capabilities are included within both User Connect Licensing (UCL) and Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (CUWL). For more information about license requirements, see the "IM and Presence license requirements" section of this document.

Deprecated features

Release 9.0(1) does not support the following features:

  • Cisco IP Phone Messenger

  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 7.x

  • Cisco Agent Desktop

  • Expert Advisor

  • Cisco Unified Application Environment

  • Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator

  • Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator Application

  • SIP Proxy Mode