Release Notes for Cisco UC Integration for IBM Sametime 9.5(2)
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Bug toolkit

Known problems (bugs) are graded according to severity level. These release notes contain descriptions of the following:

  • All severity level 1 or 2 bugs
  • Significant severity level 3 bugs
  • All customer-found bugs except severity level 6 enhancement requests

You can search for problems by using the Cisco Software Bug Toolkit.

Before You Begin

To access Bug Toolkit, you need the following items:

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
  • user ID and password
    Step 1   To access the Bug Toolkit, go to https:/​/​​bugsearch/​search.
    Step 2   Sign in with your user ID and password.
    Step 3   To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for field, then press Enter.

    What to Do Next

    For information about how to use the Bug Toolkit, select Help on the Bug Toolkit screen.

    Open Caveats

    Open Caveats as of October 14th, 2013.

    Identifier Severity Component Description
    CSCuc23729 3 presence OpenSSL ASN.1 asn1_d2i_read_bio() Heap Overflow Vulnerability
    CSCuc23731 3 presence OpenSSL Invalid TLS or DTLS Record Processing Remote Denial of Service..
    CSCuf65536 4 callcontrol ARA: Some windows do not contain correct Right-to-Left order in Arabic
    CSCuh63492 5 voicemail In notes, No ToolTip when the voicemail is played in lotus notes
    CSCui39582 6 configuration On typing text on searchbar, the characters are converted to numbers.
    CSCui52967 4 jabberwerx Security alerts on openldap
    CSCuj03782 2 callcontrol Sometimes Lotus Notes 9.0 hangs on pressing login button(6 out of 10)
    CSCuj65406 4 configuration Using UCSync in admin utility, Credentials are not populated correctly
    CSCuj65595 3 voicemail Unable to attach voicemail until Mailbox is accessed manually

    Resolved Caveats

    This section contains the caveats resolved since the previous version of the software.

    Identifier Severity Component Description
    CSCuf65710 4 Configuration Truncated text in dropdown in video preference page on several languages
    CSCuf65729 4 Call control Text is Truncated in Call window & Server health on several languages
    CSCuj32199 3 Configuration Verify Certificate dialog is shown with corrupted characters

    Closed Caveats

    This section contains the caveats that have been closed since the previous version.

    Identifier Severity Component Description
    CSCuc28103 3 conference Multiple calls to same number disallowed without notification (DE22446)
    CSCuh63523 4 configuration Intermittent issues when using UC Sync Credentials
    CSCuh93921 2 conference Sometimes active P2P calls do not merge in conference over VPN
    CSCui32068 3 conference Sometimes conference is opened in a P2P call window
    CSCui32086 3 callcontrol Entries in dialpad on pressing keys are getting truncated.
    CSCui32483 3 callcontrol Desktop Share is no getting displayed in full Window on higher DPI
    CSCui53043 4 ecc Security alerts on libxml2
    CSCui53056 4 ecc Security alerts on Curl
    CSCui71602 5 callcontrol "Press ESC" in full screen is not centre aligned with DPI 125 and above
    CSCuj22008 3 presence CUP credential is not reflected correctly after sametime login