User Guide for the Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Inbox Web Tool (Release 8.0)
The Messaging Inbox Web Tool
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The Messaging Inbox Web Tool

The Messaging Inbox Web Tool

About the Messaging Inbox Web Tool

The Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Inbox web tool contains voice messages and any message receipts you receive.

By selecting the applicable icon on each Messaging Inbox page, you can sort and delete the messages on the page, and compose and listen to a voice message. You use the Media Master to play and record messages.

The Messaging Inbox does not refresh the display automatically; you must select the Refresh Messages icon to check for new messages.

By default, ten messages are presented at a time, though you can change the number for each session by selecting a different value in the Messages Per Page list. When the number of messages in your Messaging Inbox exceeds the value specified in the Messages Per Page list, select the arrows or the page number at the bottom of the page to navigate to additional Messaging Inbox pages.

Talk to your Connection administrator if you experience performance or sound quality issues when playing messages through multimedia speakers in a low-bandwidth environment.

Access to the Messaging Inbox web tool is provided through the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) website.


The web browser on your computer must be set up to use the Cisco PCA and the Messaging Inbox. Although it is likely that your Connection administrator has already done so for the computer that you use at work, if your organization offers remote access to the Cisco PCA, you must set up the installed browser(s) on any other computer that you plan to use for accessing the website. Ask your Connection administrator for instructions.

Accessing the Messaging Inbox Web Tool

Step 1   Go to the Cisco PCA sign-in page at http://<Cisco Unity Connection server>/ciscopca. The URL is case sensitive.

(Bookmark the Cisco PCA URL, so you do not have to enter the web address each time you want to access the Messaging Inbox.)

Step 2   Enter your username and password.

If you cannot remember your Cisco PCA password, contact your Connection administrator for assistance.

Step 3   Select Sign In.
Step 4   On the Cisco PCA Home page, select the Messaging Inbox link.
Step 5   When you are finished, select Sign Out in the top right corner of any Messaging Inbox page.

Accessing Help for the Messaging Inbox Web Tool

Step 1   On any Messaging Inbox page, select the Help menu.
Step 2   From the Help menu, select the applicable link:
Option Description

Provides a list of topics in Help.


Provides a Help index.

This Page

Provides the Help topic applicable to the page you are viewing.

For help on an icon, hover the cursor over the icon until a tooltip displays.