Cisco Unity Connection

Enhance Voice Messaging and Collaboration

Access Voicemail Anytime, Anywhere

Access your Cisco Unity Connection voice messages the way you prefer – whether from an IP phone, mobile phone, web browser, email client, or a desktop client like Cisco Jabber. You can also use Cisco SpeechView to have your voice messages transcribed and delivered to your email inbox.

Accelerate Collaboration

Respond quickly to colleagues and partners by using speech-activated tools. Easily prioritize and manage messages, access meetings on your calendar, and connect to colleagues by simply saying their names.

Reduce TCO

Simplify your deployment efforts with the Cisco Unity Connection solution on a Linux appliance. Enjoy the flexibility to deliver unified messaging, integrated messaging, or simply voicemail. Cisco Unity Connection works in a variety of messaging environments using standard protocols.

Deploy a Reliable Solution

With years of successful deployments, Cisco Unity Connection is a tested, reliable solution. Take advantage of redundancy and voicemail survivability to make sure you never miss a voicemail.

Secure Your Messages

Security is a concern for most organizations, and mandatory for others. Cisco Unity Connection keeps your messages highly secure so they cannot be played by someone outside your organization.

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