Off-Premise Location Management User Guide for Cisco Emergency Responder 8.7
Getting Started
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Getting Started

Getting Started

Cisco Emergency Responder (Emergency Responder) allows your administrator to provide you with enhanced emergency 9-1-1 support by tracking the location of IP phones. When you place an emergency call from your IP phone, Emergency Responder directs the call to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

The Intrado V9-1-1 for Enterprise Service provides local routing and emergency service response for Intrado customers. Emergency Responder works in conjunction with Intrado to provide emergency services to phones that are located on the corporate network (on-premise) and phones that are located away from the corporate network (off-premise). Emergency Responder tracks the location of your on-premise IP phones, but you will need to enter your location for your off-premise phones.

The Cisco Emergency Responder Off-Premise User page allows you to enter your location and to assign the location to your phone, and Intrado validates and maintains the information that you entered. When you place an emergency call from your off-premise IP phone, Emergency Responder works in conjunction with Intrado to complete the emergency call to your local PSAP.

Use of this guide

This guide provides you with instructions for using the off-premise location management feature. Refer to the table below for pointers to commonly used sections.

If you want to...


Access the Cisco Emergency Responder Off-Premise User page

See Access Cisco Emergency Responder Off-Premise User page.

Add your location

See Add your location.

Update your location

See Update your location.

Associate your location with your phone

See Associate your location to your phone.

Additional information

For additional information about Cisco Emergency Responder (Emergency Responder), Cisco Unified Operations Manager, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager, see the following publications:

Cisco Product Security overview

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Accessibility features

Cisco Emergency Responder Off-Premise User page provides functionality for users that allows them to access buttons on the window without using a mouse. These navigation shortcuts assist visually impaired or blind attendants to use the application.

Use Table 1-1 as a guide for navigating the interface by using keyboard shortcuts.

Table 1 Navigation Shortcuts for Cisco Emergency Responder




Moves focus to the browser menu bar.


Chooses the item with focus (menu option, button, and so on).

Alt, arrow keys

Moves between browser menus.


Toggles control; for example, checks and unchecks a check box.


Moves focus to the next item in the tab order or to next control group.


Moves focus to the previous item or group in the tab order.

Arrow keys

Moves among controls within a group.


Moves to the top of the window if more than one screen of information exists. Also, moves to the beginning of a line of user-entered text.


Moves to the end of a line of user-entered text.

Moves to the bottom of the window if more than one screen of information exists.

Page Up

Scrolls up one screen.

Page Down

Scrolls down one screen.


Additional Important Information: Cisco Virtual Office (CVO) and Cisco Emergency Responder (Emergency Responder) do not include the capability to automatically locate remote devices that are not on the customer premises. It is your responsibility before using an off-premise device to provide your correct and current location data. If you place an emergency call from an off-premise device without providing your location, your emergency call may be delivered to an inappropriate emergency service responder, or with an incorrect location.