Catalyst 6500 Release 15.0SY Software Configuration Guide
MAC Address-Based Traffic Blocking
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MAC Address-Based Traffic Blocking

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MAC Address-Based Traffic Blocking

MAC Address-Based Traffic Blocking

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Cisco IOS Release 15.0SY supports only Ethernet interfaces. Cisco IOS Release 15.0SY does not support any WAN features or commands.

To block all traffic to or from a MAC address in a specified VLAN, perform this task:


Router(config)# mac address-table static mac_address vlan vlan_ID drop

Blocks all traffic to or from the configured MAC address in the specified VLAN.

This example shows how to block all traffic to or from MAC address 0050.3e8d.6400 in VLAN 12:

Router# configure terminal 
Router(config)# mac address-table static 0050.3e8d.6400 vlan 12 drop 

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