Android User Guide for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, Release 3.0.x
Establish a VPN Connection
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Establish a VPN Connection

Establish a VPN Connection

Establish a VPN Connection

You connect to a VPN by tapping the checkbox or slider associated with the active connection shown in the AnyConnect VPN panel, or selecting one of the other connection entries listed in the AnyConnect home screen.

Before You Begin
  • You must have an active Wi-Fi connection, or a connection to your service provider to connect to a VPN.

  • To initiate a VPN connection, you must have at least one connection entry listed under Choose a Connection on your AnyConnect home window.

  • To complete a VPN connection, you must have the authentication information expected by your secure gateway.
    Step 1   Go to the AnyConnect home window.
    Step 2   Tap the connection entry to be used.

    AnyConnect disconnects any VPN connection currently in use and makes this connection entry the current connection as it initiates the VPN connection.

    Step 3   If necessary, do one of the following in response to authentication prompts:
    • Enter your username and password credentials. If your administrator has configured double authentication, you may also be prompted for secondary credentials.
    • Tap Get Certificate and enter the certificate enrollment credentials supplied by your administrator. AnyConnect saves the certificate and reconnects to the VPN secure gateway to use the certificate for authentication.

    Depending on the VPN secure gateway configuration, AnyConnect may add connection entries to the list in the AnyConnect home window. The top row of the AnyConnect home window highlights the checkmark, indicating that the VPN connection is established.


    Tapping another VPN connection in the AnyConnect home window disconnects the current VPN connection and connects to the VPN secure gateway associated with the one that you tapped.