Cisco 10000 Series Router Troubleshooting Guide
Unsupported Commands
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Unsupported Commands

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Unsupported Commands

Unsupported Commands

Following is a list of the commands that are not supported in IOS release 12.0(9)SL for the Cisco 10000 series router:

Unsupported Frame Relay Commands

FRF.12 fragmentation commands

FRF.11 VoFR commands

frame-relay adaptive-shaping {becn | foresight}

frame-relay bc {in | out} bits

frame-relay be {in | out} bits

frame-relay cir {in | out} bps

frame-relay custom-queue-list list-number

frame-relay de-group group-number dlci

frame-relay ip [rtp | tcp] header-compression [passive]

frame-relay map protocol protocol-address dlci [broadcast] [ietf | cisco] [payload-compress {packet-by-packet | frf9 stac [hardware-options]}]

frame-relay map ip ip-address dlci [broadcast] [cisco | ietf] [nocompress] tcp header-compression {active | passive}

frame-relay mincir {in | out} bps

frame-relay traffic-rate average [peak]

frame-relay traffic-shaping

show frame-relay ip [rtp | tcp] header-compression [interface]

Unsupported PPP Commands

compress [predictor | stac | mppc [ignore-pfc]]

debug ppp cbcp

ppp bridge appletalk

ppp bridge ip

ppp bridge ipx [novell-ether | arpa | sap | snap]

ppp reliable-link

Unsupported MLPPP Commands

multilink load-threshold

multilink max-fragments

ppp multilink fragment-delay

ppp multilink fragmentation

ppp multilink idle-link

ppp multilink interleave