Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for Cisco ONS Products
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About this Manual

Revision History

Document Objectives


Document Organization

Related Documentation

Document Conventions

Obtaining Optical Networking Information

Where to Find Safety and Warning Information

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

About this Manual

This section explains the objectives, intended audience, and organization of this publication and describes the conventions that convey instructions and other information.

This section provides the following information:

Revision History



February 2007

  • Revision History Table added for the first time.
  • Added regulatory and compliance information for Software Release 8.0 and for the ONS 15600 SDH product.

October 2008

Updated the NEBS Compliance Statements section in the chapter “Safety”.

April 2009

  • Updated the following sections in the chapter “Regulatory Compliance”:

ONS 15454

ONS 15327

ONS 15310

ONS 15600 and ONS 15600 SDH

  • Updated the following sections in in the chapter “Safety”:

NEBS Compliance Statements

NEBS Requirements

  • Added Warning Statements 385, 1084, and 1085 in the chapter “Safety”.

April 2010

Updated the Warning Statements 206, 1004, and 1074 in the chapter “Safety”.

May 2011

  • Updated the section “ONS 15310-CL and ONS 15310-MA” in the chapter “Regulatory Compliance”.
  • Added Warning Statements 7005 and 7018 in the chapter “Safety”.

July 2011

  • Added the section “EMC and Telecom Compliance Statements” in the chapter “Safety”.
  • Added Warning Statements 8010 and 8011 in the chapter “Safety”.

December 2011

Added the K.20, K.21, and K.40 compliance standards to the sections, “ONS 15454 M2, ONS 15454 M6, CPT 200, and CPT 600”, “ONS 15454”, and “ONS 15454 SDH” in the chapter “Regulatory Compliance”.

July 2012

  • Added the section “ONS 15216” in the chapter “Regulatory Compliance”.
  • Added Warning Statements 397 and 1088 in the chapter “Safety”.

February 2013

Removed information related to CPT.

November 2013

Updated the “NEBS Requirements” section in the chapter “Safety”.

March 2014

Added the “Japanese Safety Instructions” in the chapter “Safety”.

July 2015

  • Added warning statements 2, 25, 38, 41, 43, 328, 342, 1021, 1027, 1032, and 1077 in the chapter, “Safety.
  • Removed warning statement 345 from the chapter, “Safety”.

Document Objectives

This document provides safety and compliance rules for the Cisco ONS 15000 platforms. Use this document in conjunction with the appropriate publications listed in the Related Documentation section.


To use this publication, you should be familiar with Cisco or equivalent optical transmission hardware and cabling, telecommunications hardware and cabling, electronic circuitry and wiring practices, and preferably have experience as a telecommunications technician.

Document Organization

This Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for Cisco ONS Products is organized into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, “Regulatory Compliance” provides industry standards for the ONS 15000 products.
  • Chapter 2, “Safety” provides translations of Cisco NCS 2015, Cisco ONS 15454 M2, Cisco ONS 15454 M6, Cisco ONS 15454, Cisco ONS 15454 SDH, Cisco ONS 15327, Cisco ONS 15600, Cisco ONS 15600 SDH, Cisco ONS 15310-CL, and Cisco ONS 15310-MA, warnings.

Related Documentation

Use this document in conjunction with the following publications:

  • Hardware Installation Guide
  • Procedure Guide
  • Reference Manual
  • Configuration Guide
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • TL1 Reference Guide
  • TL1 Command Guide

Document Conventions

This publication uses the conventions shown in Table 1 .


Table 1 Document Conventions



Commands and keywords in body text.


Command input that is supplied by the user.

[ ]

Keywords or arguments that appear within square brackets are optional.

{ x | x | x }

A choice of keywords (represented by x) appears in braces separated by vertical bars. The user must select one.


The control key. For example, where Ctrl + D is written, hold down the Control key while pressing the D key.

screen font

Examples of information displayed on the screen.

boldface screen font

Examples of information that the user must enter.

< >

Command parameters that must be replaced by module-specific codes.

Note Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions or references to material not covered in the document.

Caution Means reader be careful. In this situation, the user might do something that could result in equipment damage or loss of data.




This warning symbol means danger. You are in a situation that could cause bodily injury. Before you work on any equipment, be aware of the hazards involved with electrical circuitry and be familiar with standard practices for preventing accidents. Use the statement number provided at the end of each warning to locate its translation in the translated safety warnings that accompanied this device. Statement 1071


Obtaining Optical Networking Information

This section contains information that is specific to optical networking products. For information that pertains to all of Cisco, refer to the Obtaining Optical Networking Information section.

Where to Find Safety and Warning Information

For safety and warning information, refer to the Cisco Optical Transport Products Safety and Compliance Information document that accompanied the product. This publication describes the international agency compliance and safety information for the Cisco ONS 15xxx system. It also includes translations of the safety warnings that appear in the ONS 15xxx system documentation.

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

For information on obtaining documentation, submitting a service request, and gathering additional information, see the monthly What’s New in Cisco Product Documentation, which also lists all new and revised Cisco technical documentation, at:

Subscribe to the What’s New in Cisco Product Documentation as a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed and set content to be delivered directly to your desktop using a reader application. The RSS feeds are a free service and Cisco currently supports RSS Version 2.0.