Cisco ONS SONET TL1 Command Guide, Releases 9.2.1 and 9.2.2
Chapter 3, APPLY Commands
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APPLY Commands

Table Of Contents

APPLY Commands

3.1  APPLY

APPLY Commands

This chapter provides apply (APPLY) commands for the Cisco ONS 15454, Cisco ONS 15600, Cisco ONS 15454 M2, and Cisco ONS 15454 M6.

Note All commands supported on the Cisco ONS 15454 platform are also supported on Cisco ONS 15454 M2 and Cisco ONS 15454 M6 platforms.

3.1  APPLY

(Cisco ONS 15454) The Apply (APPLY) command activates or reverts a software load during a software upgrade or downgrade process.

Usage Guidelines

An error will be generated if you attempt to activate an older software load or attempt to revert to a newer software load.


File Transfer



Input Format


Input Example


Input Parameters


(Optional) Memory switch action during the software upgrade. The parameter type is DL_TYPE, which indicates the software download type. The default value is ACT.


(ONS 15600) Activates to a newer software load on the active controller card and resets the active card.


(ONS 15600) Cancels the software download.


Activates to a new software load. (For ONS 15600, the new software load is activated on the standby controller card only).