Cisco Network Analysis Module for Nexus 1010 4.2 Installation and Configuration Guide
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Installing NAM Virtual Blade Software

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Installing NAM Virtual Blade Software

Installing NAM Software on a Nexus 1010 Appliance

Installing NAM Virtual Blade Software

This chapter provides information about installing the NAM 4.2 VSB software on a supported Nexus 1010 Virtual Services Appliance (N1K-C1010).

Note If you ordered a Cisco Nexus 1010 with NAM, the NAM installation media will already be loaded on the appliance. The installation media consists of an ISO file in bootflash:/repository.

If you have a Cisco Nexus 1010 without NAM software, and you want to add it, you will need to download it from to a local ftp or http server, and then install it using the command copy ftp://path/to/nam/nam.iso bootflash:/repository.

This chapter contains the following section:

Installing NAM Software on a Nexus 1010 Appliance

Installing NAM Software on a Nexus 1010 Appliance

Step 1 Log in to the Nexus 1010 and enter virtual blade configuration mode:

vsm-nam1# conf t

Step 2 List the contents of the repository.

vsm-nam1(config)# dir bootflash:/repository
  153135104     Jan 20 09:37:17 2010     nam-4-2-1.iso

Usage for bootflash://sup-local
   305664000 bytes used
  3685715968 bytes free
  3991379968 bytes total

Use the directory listing to enter the correct ISO file that contains the NAM media.

In the example above, "nam-4-2-1.iso" is the filename, and the user is using this command to find the nam install media (an iso file found in bootflash:/repository).

Step 3 Enter the virtual service blade creation mode.

vsm-nam1(config)# virtual-service-blade NAM

Step 4 Enter the NAM configuration information.

Note The data VLAN is used for both management and data (packet) collection for the virtual NAM. Unlike the VSM, the virtual NAM does not inherit the management VLAN from the VSB. The IP address assigned to the NAM must be in the data VLAN.

vsm-nam1(config-vb-config)# virtual-service-blade-type new 
vsm-nam1(config-vb-config)# interface data vlan 3
vsm-nam1(config-vb-config)# enable
Enter vsb image:[nam-4-2-1.iso]
Enter Management IPV4 address:
Enter Management subnet mask:
IPv4  address of the default gateway:
Enter Hostname:  nam-vsm1
Setting Web user/passwd will enable port 80. Press Enter[y/n]:y
Web User name:  [admin]
Web User password:  admin

Step 5 The NAM VSB installation will begin. You can use the show virtual-service-blade summary command to see the installation in progress.

vsm-nam1(config-vb-config)# show virtual-service-blade summary

Step 6 When the status says "POWER ON," you can log into the NAM console.

Note The default password is "root."

vsm-nam1# login virtual-service-blade nam
Telnet escape character is '$'.
Connected to
Escape character is '$'.

Cisco Network Analysis Module login: root
Last login: Mon Mar 29 15:18:47 2010 from on pts/2

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