User Guide for the Cisco NetFlow Generation Appliance
Upgrade the Software
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Upgrade the Software

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Upgrade the Software

Upgrade the Software

The Cisco NetFlow Generation Appliance is shipped with the software image installed; however, to obtain future release versions, a software upgrade is required.

Before the upgrade procedure, you may wish to back up your current configuration. From the command line enter a config upload command such the following:

config upload ftp://server/path [filename]

The config upload command sends a copy of the appliance running configuration to the destination you specify. For details on restoring your back up configuration, see the config restore command in the Command Reference Guide for Cisco NetFlow Generation Appliance.

To upgrade the software:

Step 1 Download the image from Software Download.

Step 2 Log in using your ID and enter Cisco NetFlow Generation Appliance software to search for images.

Step 3 Copy the software image to a directory accessible to FTP.

Step 4 If a README is available, follow the README or text file on the Cisco download site.

Step 5 Log into the appliance through the console port or through a Telnet session.

Step 6 Upgrade the software as follows:

root@localhost# upgrade ftp-url 

where ftp-url is the FTP location and name of the software image file.

Note If the FTP server does not allow anonymous users, use the following syntax for the ftp-url value: ftp://user:password@host//absolute-path/filename. Enter your password when prompted.

As in the following example:

upgrade ftp://admin:secret@ nga-app-x86_64.1-0-1-10.bin.gz

Step 7 Follow the screen prompts during the upgrade.

Step 8 After completing the upgrade, the appliance reboots and then prompts you to log in.