Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference
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access-list rate-limit
admit cac local
air-queue aggregate-limit
atm-address (qos)
auto discovery qos
auto qos
auto qos voip
auto qos voip (6500)
awrr-queue dscp-map


bandwidth (policy-map class)
bandwidth qos-reference
bandwidth remaining ratio
bundle svc


class (EtherSwitch)
class (policy-map)
class type tag
class-map arp-peruser
clear control-plane
clear ip nbar
clear ip nbar protocol-discovery
clear ip rsvp
clear ip rsvp authentication
clear ip rsvp counters
clear ip rsvp hello instance counters
clear ip rsvp hello instance statistics
clear ip rsvp hello statistics
clear ip rsvp msg-pacing
clear ip rsvp reservation
clear ip rsvp sender
clear ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair statistics
clear ip rsvp signalling rate-limit
clear ip rsvp signalling refresh reduction
clear mls qos
clear service-group traffic-stats
compression header ip
copy interface


default ip nbar protocol-pack
description (class-map)
description (service group)
disconnect qdm


estimate bandwidth


fair-queue (DWFQ)
fair-queue (WFQ)
fair-queue (class-default)
fair-queue (policy-map class)
fair-queue ind
fair-queue limit
fair-queue qos-group
fair-queue tos
fair-queue weight
flow idle-timeout
flow rate fixed
frame-relay interface-queue priority
frame-relay ip rtp compression-connections
frame-relay ip rtp header-compression
frame-relay ip rtp priority
frame-relay ip tcp compression-connections
frame-relay ip tcp header-compression
frame-relay map ip compress
frame-relay map ip nocompress
frame-relay map ip rtp header-compression


group (service group)


hw-module slot (ESP Scheduling)
hw-module subslot (Channelized SPA Scheduli


identity policy (policy-map)
ip header-compression disable-feedback
ip header-compression max-header
ip header-compression max-period
ip header-compression max-time
ip header-compression old-iphc-comp
ip header-compression old-iphc-decomp
ip header-compression recoverable-loss
ip nbar attribute-map
ip nbar attribute-set
ip nbar classification
ip nbar classification tunneled-traffic
ip nbar custom
ip nbar custom transport
ip nbar pdlm
ip nbar port-map
ip nbar protocol-discovery
ip nbar protocol-pack
ip nbar resources
ip nbar resources protocol
ip nbar resources system
ip options
ip rs
ip rsvp admission-control compression predict
ip rsvp aggregation ip
ip rsvp aggregation ip map
ip rsvp aggregation ip reservation dscp
ip rsvp aggregation ip role interior
ip rsvp atm-peak-rate-limit
ip rsvp authentication
ip rsvp authentication challenge
ip rsvp authentication key
ip rsvp authentication key-chain
ip rsvp authentication lifetime
ip rsvp authentication neighbor
ip rsvp authentication type
ip rsvp authentication window-size
ip rsvp bandwidth
ip rsvp bandwidth ignore
ip rsvp bandwidth percent
ip rsvp burst policing
ip rsvp data-packet classification none
ip rsvp dsbm candidate
ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit
ip rsvp flow-assist
ip rsvp layer2 overhead
ip rsvp listener
ip rsvp listener outbound
ip rsvp msg-pacing
ip rsvp neighbor
ip rsvp policy cops minimal
ip rsvp policy cops report-all
ip rsvp policy cops servers
ip rsvp policy cops timeout
ip rsvp policy default-reject
ip rsvp policy identity
ip rsvp policy local
ip rsvp policy preempt
ip rsvp policy vrf
ip rsvp pq-profile
ip rsvp precedence
ip rsvp qos
ip rsvp reservation
ip rsvp reservation-host
ip rsvp resource-provider
ip rsvp sender
ip rsvp sender-host
ip rsvp signalling dscp
ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair notifications
ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair rate
ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair wait-time
ip rsvp signalling hello (configuration)
ip rsvp signalling hello (interface)
ip rsvp signalling hello dscp
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart dscp
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart mode
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart mode help-neighbor
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart neighbor
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart refresh interval
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart refresh misses
ip rsvp signalling hello graceful-restart send
ip rsvp signalling hello refresh interval
ip rsvp signalling hello refresh misses
ip rsvp signalling hello reroute dscp
ip rsvp signalling hello reroute refresh interval
ip rsvp signalling hello statistics
ip rsvp signalling initial-retransmit-delay
ip rsvp signalling patherr state-removal
ip rsvp signalling rate-limit
ip rsvp signalling refresh interval
ip rsvp signalling refresh misses
ip rsvp signalling refresh reduction
ip rsvp signalling refresh reduction ack-delay
ip rsvp snooping
ip rsvp source
ip rsvp svc-required
ip rsvp tos
ip rsvp transport
ip rsvp transport sender-host
ip rsvp tunnel overhead-percent
ip rsvp udp neighbor
ip rsvp udp-multicasts
ip rtp compression-connections
ip rtp header-compression
ip rtp priority
ip tcp compression-connections
ip tcp header-compression


lane client qos
lane qos database
load protocol


mac packet-classify
mac packet-classify use vlan
map ip
map ipv6
map mpls
match access-group
match any
match application (class-map)
match atm oam
match atm-clp
match atm-vci
match class-map
match cos
match cos inner
match destination-address mac
match discard-class
match dscp
match field
match flow pdp
match fr-dlci
match input vlan
match input-interface
match ip dscp
match ip precedence
match ip rtp
match mpls experimental
match mpls experimental topmost
match not
match packet length (class-map)
match port-type
match precedence
match protocol
match protocol (NBAR)
match protocol attribute application-group
match protocol attribute category
match protocol attribute encrypted
match protocol attribute tunnel
match protocol citrix
match protocol fasttrack
match protocol gnutella
match protocol http
match protocol pppoe-discovery
match protocol rtp
match qos-group
match source-address mac
match start
match tag (class-map)
match vlan (QoS)
match vlan inner
maximum (local policy)
maximum bandwidth ingress
maximum bandwidth percent
maximum header
metadata application-params
metadata flow
mls ip pbr
mls qos (global configuration mode)
mls qos (interface configuration mode)
mls qos 10g-only
mls qos aggregate-policer
mls qos bridged
mls qos channel-consistency
mls qos cos
mls qos cos-mutation
mls qos dscp-mutation
mls qos exp-mutation
mls qos loopback
mls qos map
mls qos map cos-dscp
mls qos map cos-mutation
mls qos map dscp-cos
mls qos map dscp-exp
mls qos map dscp-mutation
mls qos map exp-dscp
mls qos map exp-mutation
mls qos map ip-prec-dscp
mls qos map policed-dscp
mls qos marking ignore port-trust
mls qos marking statistics
mls qos mpls trust experi
mls qos police redirected
mls qos police serial
mls qos protocol
mls qos queue-mode mode-dscp
mls qos queueing-only
mls qos rewrite ip dscp
mls qos statistics-export (global configuration)
mls qos statistics-export (interface configuration)
mls qos statistics-export aggregate-policer
mls qos statistics-export class-map
mls qos statistics-export delimiter
mls qos statistics-export destination
mls qos statistics-export interval
mls qos supervisor 10g-only
mls qos trust
mls qos trust extend
mls qos tunnel gre input uniform-mode
mls qos vlan-based
monitor pids
mpls experimental


non-tcp contexts




platform ip features sequential
platform ipsec fips-mode
platform ipsec llq
platform punt-police queue
platform qos marker-statistics
platform qos match-statistics per-ace
platform qos match-statistics per-filter
platform vfi dot1q-transparency
plim qos input
plim qos input map
plim qos input map cos (classify CoS values for VLAN)
police (EtherSwitch)
police (percent)
police (policy map)
police (two rates)
police rate (control-plane)
police rate pdp
policy-map copp-peruser
precedence (WRED group)
priority (10000 series)
priority (SIP400)
priority level
priority-list default
priority-list interface
priority-list protocol
priority-list queue-limit
priority-queue cos-map
priority-queue queue-limit


qos police order parent-first
qos pre-classify
qos shape-timer
queue-limit atm clp
queue-list default
queue-list interface
queue-list lowest-custom
queue-list protocol
queue-list queue byte-count
queue-list queue limit


random-detect (per VC)
random-detect aggregate
random-detect atm-clp-based
random-detect clp
random-detect cos-based
random-detect discard-class
random-detect discard-class-based
random-detect dscp
random-detect dscp (aggregate)
random-detect ecn
random-detect exponential-weighting-constant
random-detect flow
random-detect flow average-depth-factor
random-detect flow count
random-detect prec-based
random-detect precedence
random-detect precedence (aggregate)
rcv-queue bandwidth
rcv-queue cos-map
rcv-queue queue-limit
rcv-queue random-detect
rcv-queue threshold
redirect interface
refresh max-period
refresh max-time
refresh rtp


send qdm message
service-policy (class-map)
service-policy (control-plane)
service-policy (policy-map class)
service-policy (service group)
service-policy type qos
set atm-clp
set cos
set cos cos-inner (policy-map configuration)
set cos-inner
set cos-inner cos
set discard
set dscp
set fr-de
set ip dscp
set ip dscp (policy-map configuration)
set ip dscp tunnel
set ip precedence (policy-map configuration)
set ip precedence (policy-map)
set ip precedence (route-map)
set ip precedence tunnel
set ip tos (route-map)
set precedence
set qos-group
set vlan inner
shape (percent)
shape (policy-map class)
shape adaptive
shape fecn-adapt
shape max-buffers
show access-lists rate-limit
show atm bundle
show atm bundle stat
show atm bundle svc
show atm bundle svc stat
show auto discovery qos
show auto qos
show class-map
show class-map type nat
show class-map type port-filter
show control-plane cef-exception counters
show control-plane cef-exception features
show control-plane counters
show control-plane features
show control-plane host counters
show control-plane host features
show control-plane host open-ports
show control-plane transit counters
show control-plane transit features
show cops servers
show crypto eng qos
show crypto entropy status
show frame-relay ip rtp header-compression
show frame-relay ip tcp header-compression
show interfaces fair-queue
show interfaces random-detect
show interfaces rate-limit
show ip nat translations rsvp
show ip nbar
show ip nbar attribute
show ip nbar classification
show ip nbar link-age
show ip nbar pdlm
show ip nbar port-map
show ip nbar protocol activated
show ip nbar protocol-attribute
show ip nbar protocol-discovery
show ip nbar protocol-id
show ip nbar protocol-pack
show ip nbar resources flow
show ip nbar statistics
show ip nbar trace
show ip nbar unclassified-port-stats
show ip nbar version
show ip rsvp
show ip rsvp aggregation ip
show ip rsvp aggregation ip endpoints
show ip rsvp atm-peak-rate-limit
show ip rsvp authentication
show ip rsvp counters
show ip rsvp counters state teardown
show ip rsvp fast bw-protect
show ip rsvp fast detail
show ip rsvp fast-reroute
show ip rsvp fast-reroute bw-protect
show ip rsvp fast-reroute detail
show ip rsvp hello
show ip rsvp hello cl
show ip rsvp hello client lsp detail
show ip rsvp hello client nbr detail
show ip rsvp hello client neighbor detail
show ip rsvp hello client neighbor summary
show ip rsvp hello graceful-restart
show ip rsvp hello instance detail
show ip rsvp hello instance summary
show ip rsvp hello statistics
show ip rsvp high-availability counters
show ip rsvp high-availability database
show ip rsvp high-availability summary
show ip rsvp host
show ip rsvp host vrf
show ip rsvp ingress
show ip rsvp installed
show ip rsvp interface
show ip rsvp interface detail
show ip rsvp listeners
show ip rsvp neighbor
show ip rsvp p2mp counters
show ip rsvp policy
show ip rsvp policy cops
show ip rsvp policy identity
show ip rsvp policy local
show ip rsvp policy vrf
show ip rsvp precedence
show ip rsvp request
show ip rsvp reservation
show ip rsvp sbm
show ip rsvp sender
show ip rsvp signalling
show ip rsvp signalling blockade
show ip rsvp signalling fast-local-repair
show ip rsvp signalling rate-limit
show ip rsvp signalling refresh
show ip rsvp snooping
show ip rsvp tos
show ip rsvp transport
show ip rsvp transport sender
show ip rtp header-compression
show ip tcp header
show ip vrf
show iphc-profile
show lane qos database
show metadata application table
show metadata flow
show mls qos
show mls qos aggregate policer
show mls qos free-agram
show mls qos interface
show mls qos maps
show mls qos mpls
show mls qos protocol
show mls qos queuing interface
show mls qos statistics-export info
show platform hardware acl entry global-qos
show platform hardware pp active infrastructure pi npd rx policer
show platform hardware qfp active feature qos config global
show platform lowq
show platform qos policy-map
show platform software infrastructure punt statistics
show policy-manager events
show policy-manager policy
show policy-map
show policy-map class
show policy-map control-plane
show policy-map interface
show policy-map interface brief
show policy-map interface service group
show policy-map interface service instance
show policy-map mgre
show policy-map multipoint
show policy-map session
show policy-map target servi
show policy-map type access-control
show policy-map type nat
show policy-map type port-filter
show protocol phdf
show qbm client
show qbm pool
show qdm status
show queue
show queuein
show queueing interface
show random-detect-group
show running-config service-group
show service-group
show service-group interface
show service-group state
show service-group stats
show service-group traffic-stats
show subscriber policy ppm-shim-db
show table-map
show tech-support nbar platform
show tech-support rsvp
show traffic-shape
show traffic-shape queue
show traffic-shape statistics
show vrf
show wrr-queue
subscriber accounting accuracy


table-map (value mapping)
tcp contexts
traffic-shape adaptive
traffic-shape fecn-adapt
traffic-shape group
traffic-shape rate




wrr-queue bandwidth
wrr-queue cos-map
wrr-queue queue-limit
wrr-queue random-detect
wrr-queue threshold