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Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.4 SR2

Table Of Contents

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes,
Release 3.4 SR2



What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

What's New in Release 3.4

What's New in Release 3.4 SR1

What's New in Release 3.4 SR2

Important Notes

Related Documentation and Training Videos


Using the Bug Toolkit

Known Defects

Resolved Defects

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes,
Release 3.4 SR2

Revised September 16, 2013

These release notes provide important information for Cisco WebEx Social 3.4 SR2 build


These release notes include these topics:


What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

Important Notes

Related Documentation and Training Videos



Cisco WebEx Social is a collaboration platform that enables content creation, real-time communications, and other collaborations in a personalized manner.

What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

The following sections describe major new features and functions in the Cisco WebEx Social 3.4 release:

What's New in Release 3.4

What's New in Release 3.4 SR1

What's New in Release 3.4 SR2

What's New in Release 3.4

New features and functions in Cisco WebEx Social 3.4 include the following:

Updates and enhancements to the Cisco WebEx Social API. New features include:

New operations for managing user groups

New operations for managing versions of a post

New Meta activities resource, which is a representation of a relationship between the logged-in user and the Activity activities resource

The master account feature, which you configure from the Portal drawer, lets Cisco WebEx Social users set the same login credentials (user name and password) that they use to access various services in Cisco WebEx Social.

The session setting feature, which you access from the Server drawer, lets you configure the maximum number of times that any user can be logged in to Cisco WebEx Social concurrently.

Email configuration items have been consolidated in the Email Configuration area in the Application > Integration page of the Director.

What's New in Release 3.4 SR1

New features and functions in Cisco WebEx Social 3.4 SR1 include the following:

Updates to the Cisco WebEx Social API, including:

Enhancements to functionality of the meta query parameter

Updates to the Metadata resource

New Post Version and PostVersionDiff resources

New Report Content as Inappropriate operation

New User Group resource operations

New operations for obtaining information about a post, obtaining information about the differences between two versions of a post, and restoring an older version of a post

Various bug fixes

What's New in Release 3.4 SR2

Cisco WebEx Social 3.4 SR2 includes various bug fixes.

Important Notes

This section describes limitation, restrictions, and other important information that applies to this release of Cisco WebEx Social.

Although the CAS tab appears in the Account Settings > Portal > Settings > Authentication window, Cisco WebEx Social does not support Central Authentication Service (CAS) and the fields in this tab are not used.

When using Show & Share release 5.3 with Cisco WebEx Social, do not install Show & Share patch1.

If SSO is enabled in your network, make sure that the Enable SSO box in the Notifier area of the Configuration window in the Director is checked. This configuration ensures that user accounts are not locked if a password lockout policy is configured in your Active Directory.

Cisco WebEx Social no longer required redirects in the Cisco WebEx Social Apache server to the Sametime Proxy server. For Sametime chat to be operational, this change requires that each Cisco WebEx Social client (browser or mobile application that loading Cisco WebEx Social) have routing access to the SameTime proxy server.

Using the ext3 file system on your NFS server can limit the number of library documents and post attachments that Cisco WebEx Social can store. For more information, use the Bug Toolkit to access the defect number CSCtk55146 (see the "Using the Bug Toolkit" section).

This Cisco WebEx Social release adds support for using the IBM Sametime Connect client for chat and availability in place of the integrated Cisco WebEx Social client. To determine the availability of Sametime and to launch the client on new chat sessions, Cisco WebEx Social sends HTTP requests to the local Sametime service at localhost port 59449. Because the local Sametime service supports only HTTP, if your organization accesses Cisco WebEx Social through HTTPS, the web browsers of your users may block outgoing HTTP requests as a security measure. To allow Cisco WebEx Social to launch Sametime, you must instruct users to enable mixed content. Enabling mixed content varies from browser to browser. See your web browser documentation or search the Internet for detailed steps.

If synthetic monitoring is not configured, it is enabled by default in release 3.4 SR1 for both fresh installations and upgrades. If synthetic monitoring has been enabled or disabled, that setting takes precedence over the default behavior.

Administrators can disable synthetic monitoring by setting the property synthetic_monitor_disabled to true. By default this property is not configured, which means that synthetic monitoring is enabled

Related Documentation and Training Videos

The following Cisco WebEx Social documents are available at

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Cisco WebEx Social Server: Getting Started Guide, Release 3.4

Cisco WebEx Social API Reference Guide, Release 3.4

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Open Source Used In Cisco WebEx Social 3.4

Cisco WebEx Social Theming Guide, Release 3.4

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Cisco WebEx Social training videos are available at


This section includes these topics:

Using the Bug Toolkit

Known Defects

Resolved Defects

Note Because defect status continually changes, be aware that the information in the following sections reflects a snapshot of the defects at the time that the release notes were compiled

Using the Bug Toolkit

You can use the Bug Toolkit to find information about defects for the this release, including a description of the issues and available workarounds. The Bug Toolkit lists open and resolved defects.

To use the Bug Toolkit, follow these steps:


Step 1 To access the Bug Toolkit, go to

Step 2 Log in with your user ID and password.

Step 3 To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for bug ID field, then click Go.

Step 4 To look for information if you do not know the bug ID number:

a. Choose Collaboration from the Select Product Category menu.

b. Choose Cisco WebEx Social from the Select Product menu.

c. Choose the version number from the Software Version menu.

d. Under Advanced Options, choose Use default settings or Use custom settings. The default settings search for severity 1, 2 and 3 bugs, open and fixed bugs, and only bugs containing bug details. Use the custom settings to change the severity and status parameters, or to search for keywords within the bug headline and description.

Known Defects

Table 1 lists known defects in this release.

Table 1 Known Defects 



Some portlets are writing logs to other folders


Issue adding multiple users in Cisco WebEx Social


Cisco WebEx Social only creates links for first tier of child pages


SnS: Progress bar does not update for WMV video—tried in FF in windows


CMS can have just under 32,000 folders


CM: Thread/post count in discussions needs to filter out hidden comments


For some users, Message Board posts cannot be seen


Issues updating Role Permissions


CWC crashes browser when connection to CUCM is lost for extended period


Confusing user experience for comments to a Micropost


Safari 5: Changing focus via tab does not let you type into content


Locked portlet becomes unlocked when containing tab is moved


IE9: Hover card is changed undesirable to another user


[Struts+Liferay] OutOfMemoryError when uploading large file


Video upload does not work for some users


Slow OCS async calls from browser holds up browser TCP sessions


Occasionally services start without creating a pid file


Address line: Error logsAddress line 3 has a limit of 75 characters


Tracking bug for PHP security issues


GNU libc GLOB_LIMIT Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability


Linux Kernel drm_mode_dirtyfb_ioctl() Local DoS Vulnerability


Linux Kernel USB Interface Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability


No or very low audio on MAC


Chat and presence (CUPS anad jabber): max chat sessions


User sometimes does not receives notification that the other side closes


[Decoupled chat] Desktop chat client is not launched when clicking on user


Glibc contains vulnerabilities


Admin password with special characters in OVF properties sets it to null


Social keeps setting name and companyid in loop


Accessibility: JAWS does not read out expertise, interests, work hours


Switching to a child page with some apps, takes 5 to 6 seconds in IE8


IE8: JavaScript error in chat/IM presence


Editor does not support resizing of images in Safari and Chrome


WebEx Social lacks alerting for ActiveMQ degradation


Adding to hashtag in micropost does not recognize appended text as hashtag


Cannot move library documents from root to sub folder


Line spacing in final post different than what was seen in editor


WebEx Social instant meeting notifications not received by offline attendees


Calendar, My Communities, Recent People, and Communities not loading


Favicon issue on chrome


Enabling of the permission field under Permission in Discussion category


Apply Config should not be enabled when user logs in the Director page first time and does nothing


Presence not updated when switching preferred client


WebEx Social is saving last set user presence and tries to set it upon relogin


Do not Disturb shown instead of Offline


Stop recording or Send appears although call is not answered


Disclose hidden community when post is turned to public


Date of last status update incorrect in WebEx Social hover card.


The communityName field search does not return correct results sometimes


"Perform sync just once" causes LDAPsync from not running


[httpd] memory leak when using Kerberos SSO and OCS


IE Compatibility Mode makes Director web page unusable


Documentation fails to explain requisite configuration for inbound email


Monit script check fails because NFS mount points appear unwritable


Integrity Check Failed Errors on 3.1SR3


Media query in CSS breaks content


Getting stuck when doing server rabbitmq-server status


Webex Social select user profile from likes list and scroll bar disappears


Full sync marks users inactive due to memcached errors


Mobile client—fetching members list in community times out


Bookmark portlet: sorting is not working for entries


IE8: Save on Display Settings page is not working.


Infosys-help: Attachments count incorrect after restoring an older version


Searching within a list throws user out of context


JS Error on trying to log in to WebEx Social


Infosys-help: Can comment a post after being unshared


Changes made in director UI not reflected by puppet during upgrade

CSCuh76323 opens in parent WebEx Social page instead of iFrame


UI request to start WebEx meeting loops endlessly


Posts shared from Twitter are not reflected in followers activities


Activities API does not return timestamp for share post activity


Unchecking all checkboxes in display settings page should throw error


Post with long title overlaps with the next layout


Suggestions not updated after applying Similar to you portlet setting


After added My Direct Reports , My Direct Reports changes to My


Export minor tab is not visible


Clicking on custom attribute in control panel leaves blank space


Cannot sort on Name and description in Favorite Communities


CKeditor does not launch intermittently in IE when creating a wiki


Searching community in last visited community returns multiple results


Unclear error message when exceeding SharePoint file size limit


User should not be able to create discussion category with existing name


Showing the cached info for an updated meeting (EWS)


Purpose of Cluster Security section in director is unclear


XSS: HTML in opensocial settings


Cannot play .wmv embedded video in post created via open API


The verb field is missing for reply to a blog activity


publicPost field in GET api/rest/users/@me/posts always false


"Is typing" notification keeps showing when user offline

Resolved Defects

Table 2 lists resolved defects in this release.

Table 2 Resolved Defects 



Portlet preferences not being cached in memcached