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Cisco Support Community
Share your knowledge in real time, get up-to-the minute support by asking questions, and participate in live events such as webcasts and "Ask the Expert". All of this is possible with the Cisco Support Community which is a very robust platform that combines discussion forums, blogs, wiki documents, and videos. CSC features hundreds of thousands of questions, and thousands of documents, videos, and blogs, provided by top Cisco Experts, Cisco Designated VIPs, and community members.

Services & Support Communities
Access the appropriate Cisco Services and Support related communities to connect with others and start collaborating today.

Cisco Beyond - Product Extension Community
A community for customers to share and download Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM) scripts.

Google Groups  this link will generate a new window
Browse an active Cisco newsgroup for articles of interest.

Open Source Initiative (COSI)  this link will generate a new window
Visit the OpenSource Exchange community where developers and customers focused on Cisco technologies publish, discuss, and release their open-source network management system (NMS) tools, scripts, and utilities.


Technical Support Training Resources
Learn how to use the Cisco Technical Support website to find critical technical documentation and online tools to help you troubleshoot issues, enhance your networking skills, and support your networks.

Cisco Career Certifications & Paths
Learn how the widely respected Cisco Career Certifications can bring valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them.