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Cisco Unity Connection WAV File Issues

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Updated: May 21, 2012



This document describes how to troubleshoot issues with WAV files in Cisco Unity Connection.



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Components Used

The information in this document is based on Cisco Unity Connection.

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.


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Error: Could not load audio recording from file


Users are unable to save WAV files to Cisco Unity Connection from an existing common message system via Media Master.

When a user attempts to use a previously recorded WAV file (for example, an announcement that was recorded earlier) instead of making a new recording with a phone or a computer microphone, the Media Master might display this error message:

Could not load audio recording from file. The file is either not an audio file, a supported audio format, or is corrupted.

This error occurs when a WAV file is recorded in the G.729a audio format.


Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:

  1. Convert the WAV file to another audio format; for example, G.711.

  2. Use a WAV file that is recorded in a supported audio format other than G.729a.

  3. Use a phone or computer microphone in order to record audio.

  4. Use the Play/Record button from the Greeting page. The Media Master applet opens.

  5. Click the Open File option and then you can import the WAV file.

Note: When Cisco Unity Connection is configured to record in the G.729a audio format, the Media Master functions correctly for recording and playing recordings by using a phone or computer microphone.

Error: InitMMAppletInstance failed to get instance


When you try to save a WAV file, this error message is received:

initMMApplet:InitMMAppletInstance failed to get instance

This issue can also occur when you try to save greetings through the Use Computer option.


This issue occurs on PCs installed with JRE 6 Update 10 or Update 11. In order to resolve this problem, downgrade the JRE version to Version 5 Update 15. JRE Version 6 Update 7 also works fine with Internet Explorer 7.0 and Mozilla Firefox.

This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsw33324 (registered customers only) .

Error: Nothing returned from the web service on the Connection server


This error message is received when you use Cobras Import for Cisco Unity Connection:

(error) on WAV file upload - nothing returned from the web service 
on the Connection server


This error is received if the PC you use with Cobras Import does not have the proper rights. Verify these items in order to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Use an account that is also a local administrator of the PC on which Cobras Import is installed.

  • Disable Windows Firewall and any antivirus application.

  • Make sure that port 443 and 80 are open between Cisco Unity Connection and the PC.

  • If the settings in the previous item are correct, try to restart the SMTP service and Database Proxy service on Cisco Unity Connection.

Complete these steps if the above items do not resolve the issue:

  1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options.

  2. On the Connections tab, click LAN Settings.

  3. Under Automatic Configuration, uncheck Automatically Detect Settings.

Emails are Sent to Microsoft OWA Without .wav Attachments


With Cisco Unity Connections, emails are sent to Outlook Web Access (OWA) without .wav attachments. Users receive the message with no attachment.

This issue occurs for Cisco Unity Connection 7.x users configured with the Accept and Forward feature for voice messages. If the relay address is a Microsoft Exchange 2007 server, the user's OWA client could be affected.


In order to resolve this issue, install Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1. Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 954684 for more information.

Unable to Play Back or Record a Greeting


When you attempt to play back or record a new greeting from the Unity Admin page, it plays the old greeting. The problem does not occur when you use the computer.

Two possible solutions are provided.

Solution 1

Choose No when prompted about the mixed-signing security warning. This solution causes the JRE to not block the Media Master code from executing.

Solution 2

Complete these steps in order to resolve the issue:

  1. In Windows, choose Start > Control Panel.

  2. Click Java console.

  3. Click the Advanced tab.

  4. Expand Security.

  5. Expand Mixed code (sandboxed vs. trusted) security verification, and click the Enable – hide warning and run with protections radio button.

  6. Click OK.

For more information, refer to Cisco Bug ID CSCtg45608 (registered customers only) .

WAV File Playback via Phone Fails


WAV files can be uploaded and played with the PC. However, when you try to play the WAV file from the phone, the user receives the Invalid Media Stream" Code: 19 error message and the phone is disconnected.

Also, when you make a call to the call handler that has the file uploaded, the call gets disconnected. This is documented in Cisco Bug ID CSCti46125 (registered customers only) .

This issue occurs when this WAV file format is used:

Bit rate: 1411 kbps
Audio sample size: 16bit
Channels: 2
Audio sample rate: 44 Khz          
Audio format: PCM


In order to resolve this issue, change the audio sample rate to 8 Khz. The recommended WAV file format is noted in this document: Sizing and Scaling Cisco Unity Connection Servers.

Error: Unable to save recording due to SSL certificate error


When you save a recording with Cisco Unity Connection 8.5, this error message appears:

Unable to save recording due to SSL certificate error.
Would you like to accept the SSL certificate for thissession and 
attempt to save recording again


In order to resolve this issue, click Trust the certificate when the certificate warning appears.

Error: Unknown error occurred 5949


When you edit the greeting on a System Call Handler, this error message appears: Error:Unknown error occurred 5949 time-1 code 1.


Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:

  1. Click Cisco Unity Connection Administration, and expand Telephony Integrations.

  2. Click Phone System, and make sure the Default TRAP Switch option is checked.

Error: Failed to Send Message


In Cisco Unity Connection 8.x, users are unable to overwrite a call handler with a file and receive this error: Failed to Record Name.


Refer to the workaround described in Cisco Bug ID CSCto92753 (registered customers only) ..

Unable to Play WAV Files on a Smartphone


A single Cisco Unity Connection Inbox installation on Unity Connection release 8.5 is unable to play WAV files on any smartphone (such as, an iPhone or a Blackberry).


This issue might be caused when the G.729 codec is used. In order to resolve this issue, change the codec to G.711.

Garbled Audio with GSM Codec


On Cisco Unity 8.5, when you press four (4) to slow down or six (6) to speed up a message that wsa recorded with a GSM codec, the audio is garbled and unintelligible. You can press 1 to repeat the message, and it plays with the increased or decreased speed. This step can be repeated to slow down or speed up of the message, but the message becomes garbled again until one (1) is pressed for the message to be repeated.


In order to resolve this issue, use a different codec, such as G.729A or PCM Linear. Refer to Cisco Bug ID CSCto20579 (registered customers only) for more information.

Unable to Play Secure Messages in Web Inbox


Unable to play voicemail in the Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox even if they are marked secure. The error message is shown in this image:



In order to resolve this issue, you must allow access to secure message recordings through the Cisco Unity Connection messaging interface. Complete these tasks to allow this option:

  1. Navigate to System Settings > Advanced > API Settings in Cisco Unity Connection Administration.

  2. Check the Allow Access to Secure Message Recordings through CUMI check box, and click Save.


Allow Delivery to DLs That Have No Access List Option Does Not Work


In Cisco Unity Connection, messages sent to a system distribution list that does not have an access list are not delivered, and the sender receives a non-delivery report (NDR).

This problem has been observed in Cisco Unity Connection 8.0 when these advanced messaging settings are enabled:

  • Use Access Lists to Control who Can Send to System Distribution Lists

  • Allow Delivery of Messages to System Distribution Lists That Have No Access List


If you want to enable the Use Access Lists to Control Who Can Send to System Distribution Lists option, you must create an access list for all system distribution lists.

Note: This issue is documented in Cisco Bug ID CSCtj83381 (registered customers only) .

Unable to Record Welcome Message


When you configure your mailbox, the system prompts you to record your name. During that time, you receive this message and the system hangs up: This system is temporarily unable to record your call.


This issue might because of incompatible locales. Since the locales are not supported, the best option is to upgrade the Unity Connection server. Refer to Installing Additional Cisco Unity Connection Languages for more information.

Unity Connection Upgrade Patch Applied Without Switching Versions


End users trying to leave messages will be told (after the beep) that the system is unable to complete the call. If end users call in to retrieve messages (after the pin) they will also hear that the system is unavailable


Follow the steps below to accomplish the task:

  1. Set the SELinux to permissive mode until the switch versions can be completed.

    'utils os secure permissive'
  2. Once the switch-version is performed you can set SELinux back to enforcing mode and the server will work as expected.

    'utils os secure enforce'

Note: This issue is documented in the Cisco Bug ID CSCty77528 (registered customers only) .

Unity Connection Server Terminates Calls Abruptly


When you stop and start the Conversation Manager from the Serviceability web page, the connection will cease to answer calls. With SCCP calls, the system sounds like it hangs up. With SIP, you hear dead air for a few seconds, then reorder.


This issue is documented in the Cisco Bug ID . To resolve this issue you need to restart Connection Mixer and Connection Conversation Manager services from the Serviceability web page.

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Updated: May 21, 2012
Document ID: 110950