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How to Use the Kill Utility

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Updated: May 17, 2006



The Kill utility allows you to terminate a Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) process in a Telnet session. The termination occurs in the same way as a process termination with the use of Microsoft Windows NT Task Manager.

Note: For more information on Telnet, refer to Using Telnet to Run Utilities on Remote Cisco ICM Terminals.



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Use the Kill Utility

In order to use the Kill utility, first determine which process you want to terminate. For more information on how to determine the process, refer to Using the pstat Command. For more information on the findstr command, refer to How to Use the findstr Command.

In this example, the opctest utility was not closed correctly:


The options available to use with the Kill utility are:

Option Definition
-f Forces process kill
pid The process ID of the process to kill, which the tlist (task list) command provides
pattern Complete task name or regular expression pattern to be matched against the task names and window titles

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Updated: May 17, 2006
Document ID: 20431