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Using the IVR to Record Auto-Attendant Prompts

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008



How do I record my own Auto Attendant prompts?
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Q. How do I record my own Auto Attendant prompts?


The SPA-9000 contains an internal auto-attendant that can handle up to 10 incoming calls. The AA is assigned the reserved user-id "aa". AA will be able to automatically answer the outside/inside incoming calls with greeting messages (directory messages that allow callers to select the appropriate departments or reach known extension numbers).

Using the IVR to Record Auto-Attendant Prompts

This section describes how to use the IVR to record the Auto-Attendant prompts using the IVR. In order to record Auto-Attendant prompts, complete these steps from the IVR Menu:

Step 1:
Press "****" using an analog telephone connected to the SPA-9000.

Step 2:
Wait until you hear the following voice prompt "Linksys configuration menu. Please enter the option followed by the # (pound) key or hang up to exit."

Step 3:
Press "72255#" to access the Auto-Attendant message settings. You should hear, "Please enter the message number followed by the # (pound) key."

Step 4:
Enter the number of the message you wish to record, review, or delete. You should hear, "Enter "1" to record. Enter "2" to review. Enter "3" to delete. Enter "*" to exit."

Step 5:
Press "1" on the phone to record a new message. When the user presses this option, the IVR checks the available buffer size. If there is no more buffer space, IVR plays the "option failed" message and returns to the previous menu. If the buffer space is sufficient, you will hear, "You may record your message after the tone. When you are finished, press "#"."

Step 6:
Record the new message and press "#." After you record the message, you will hear, "To save, enter "1." To review, enter "2." To re-record, enter "3." To exit, enter "*"."

Step 7:
Press "1" to save the new recorded message.

Note: If the recorded prompt is longer than 15 seconds, IVR plays a short "one moment, please" message to inform the user to wait for several seconds while the saving process is completed.

There are default Prompts 1-4 and 5-10 are blank.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 108811