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Setting-Up Manually the SPA400 with SPA9xx

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008



How do I manually register my SPA400 with the SPA9xx?
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This article is one in a series to assist in the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Cisco Small Business products.

Q. How do I manually register my SPA400 with the SPA9xx?


In order to set up the SPA400 manually, complete these steps:

1) Configure SPA400 Voicemail Accounts
2) Configure an SPA IP Phone for Voicemail Service

Configure SPA400 Voicemail Accounts

The SPA400 supports up to 32 voicemail accounts providing LVS Users the ability to receive and playback voicemail messages. Creating a voicemail account for an LVS User requires entering a Mailbox ID in the configuration of their SPA IP Phone and then associating it to a SPA400 Voicemail User ID.

A Voicemail User ID is defined as a valid SPA IP Phone extension that has been configured in the SPA9000. Voicemail User IDs and passwords may be added or changed from the SPA400 configuration utility.

Step 1:
From the SPA400 web-based setup page, click Setup and select the Voicemail Users. If the installation and configuration of the SPA400 was initially performed using the SPA9000 Setup Wizard, each extension configured for voicemail will be populated in the SPA400 Voicemail Users page. By default, a user's voicemail account will be active with the password to access the voicemail account being identical to their extension (i.e., ext. =100 password=100).

Step 2:
Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page, and then Restart on the SPA400 web-based setup page. The SPA400 device will reboot. After setting-up the voicemail account, configure the SPA phone for voicemail service. For instructions, complete the steps in the next section.

Configure an SPA IP Phone for Voicemail Service

Each valid SPA IP Phone extension configured in the SPA9000 may be configured for voicemail service. The SPA IP Phone configuration page (Figure 6) can be accessed by either clicking on the PBX Status link in the upper right location of the SPA9000 configuration utility or by entering the SPA IP Phone IP address into the browser.

Step 1:
From the SPA IP Phone configuration utility, click the Ext 1 tab. The voicemail setting is entered in the Mailbox ID field with this format:

<line#><User ID>

Note: Where <line#> refers to the SPA9000 Line (1-4) of the SPA400 configuration and <User ID> must match the setting entered in the SPA400 Voicemail Users menu.

Step 2:
From the example in Figure 5 and Figure 6, the setting appears as:

Call Feature Settings: Mailbox ID = 1100

Step 3:
The IP address reflected in the Voice Mail Server field on the SPA IP Phone Ext 1 page (Figure 6) is correctly configured as the IP address of the SPA9000. The SPA9000 acts as a proxy to the SPA400 voicemail server.

Step 4:
Click Submit All Changes on the SPA IP Phone web-base setup page. The SPA IP Phone will reboot. The SP IP Phone has now been configured to access the voicemail service. LVS Voicemail Users may refer to the SPA IP Phone Voicemail Quick Reference Card for details using the voicemail service.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 108758