Cisco BPX 8600 Series Switches

CK-192 Errors

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Updated: Dec 06, 2006



This document explains how CK-192 is used to synchronize the transmit signal on some cards.



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What are they?

Like the Poll Clock Errors, these are errors in a clock distributed by the Broadband Controller Card (BCC).

What do they mean?

The CK-192 is used to synchronize the transmit signal on some cards. If this is not present, it is possible that the transmit signal is off frequency, and generates various line or trunk side errors. It is possible for other board functions to also be affected.

What should I do to make them go away?

If only one card indicates the failure, try another card that does not indicate the failure in that same slot. If this new card does not show a failure, then the original card is defective and must be replaced. If the new card also shows the failure, then the cause of this failure is the backplane or BCC.

Issue the switchcc command in order to make the currently-active BCC the standby. Then, replace this BCC with another unit known to be good. Issue the switchcc command again to make that BCC active and check again for the errors. If the errors are gone, return the BCC which was replaced through the return materials authorization (RMA) procedure. If both the I/O card and BCC seem to function properly, it is possible that the backplane is defective and requires replacement. Since this is an extreme measure, you want to repeat these testing steps to double-check.

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Updated: Dec 06, 2006
Document ID: 10807