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ASA Reloads Without crashinfo File When Large Files are Uploaded to Flash

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Updated: Jan 26, 2012

Contributed by Justin Betz, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes how to identify and resolve a problem that occurs when you copy files to the internal flash memory of the ASA; the ASA reloads but does not generate a crashinfo file.



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Components Used

The information in this document is based on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5520 or 5540.

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.


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When you copy a large file to the onboard flash of the ASA 5520 or the ASA 5540, the ASA might reboot unexpectedly, and this information is displayed on the console:

The system is going down NOW!
Sending SIGTERM to all processes
Sending SIGKILL to all processes
Requesting system reboot
Booting system, please wait...

If the administrator is connected to the ASA through secure shell (SSH) or through a Telnet CLI session, the output might look similar to this example:

Writing file disk0:asa831-k9.bin...
  . . .


This problem is caused when the original 512 MB DIMM memory is left in the ASA and you upgrade the memory to an additional 2 GBs. In order to avoid this problem, remove the original memory before you install the new memory kit.

The issue is documented in Cisco Bug ID CSCtg94369.

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Updated: Jan 26, 2012
Document ID: 113422