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Field Notice: FA00314 - MPAgent Complains of Missing User Tables in Slave Database and MPWeb Services Constantly Restart

May 20, 2004

Products Affected



MeetingPlace Web


Problem Description

Note: This Field Notice is a legacy Latitude Field Notice that has been converted to the Cisco format so the information would remain available to their customers.

After installing MeetingPlace Web and rebooting the server, MPWeb services constantly restart and MPWeb is completely non-functional.

GWSIM eventlog shows a repeating pattern of:

mpagent (0x234) Information:Start to kick start JengaX...
mpagent (0x234) Warning:No user tables have been created in DCMS slave database.

In the IIS log, you will also see the following pattern:

2003-09-30 16:02:39 - 80 HEAD /mpweb/scripts/jengax.dll - 500

IIS error code 500 is defined by Microsoft as:

500: "Syntax error, command unrecognized. This may include errors such as command line too long"

The reason jengax.dll calls fail is due to missing JVM on the server. In other words, MPWeb requires the web server to have some kind of JVM in order to create user tables in the slave database.

This problem has not been an issue until recently because all Windows servers come bundled with MS Java Virtual Machine (JVM). However, due to a lawsuit from SUN Microsystems, Microsoft has begun shipping PCs without JVM, and has removed JVM from new OS installation CDROMs.

If you install a new server using a recently-acquired installation CDROM of Windows 2000 Server with integrated SP4, then you will end up with a Windows 2000 Server that does not contain JVM.

Note:?Missing JVM is just one of many possible reasons that a jengax call can fail. If you confirm that the server has JVM installed, then the cause of the problem lies somewhere else and you should escalate the issue to the Latitude Customer Support Center.

Problem Symptoms

MeetingPlace Web is completely non-functional due to an incomplete DCMS slave database.



MeetingPlace Web 4.0 (version 4.3.0) is bundled with MS JVM distribution package. You can run this package to install JVM on your server and that will fix the problem.

  1. Verify that you do not have JVM on your machine by opening a DOS prompt window and type 'jview' (without quotes). It will return that jview is an unrecognized command.

  2. Locate the file under drive:\Latitude\MPWeb\HTML\msjavx86.exe

  3. Double click the msjavx86.exe to install JVM. You will have to restart the server at the end of installation

  4. After the server is restarted, user tables will be created and MPWeb services will stabilize

Note:?The version of JVM installed is 3805. You should run Windows Update to update it to a newer version.


Engineering will evaluate what actions the installation program should take if the server does not contain JVM.

For More Information

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