Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series

Field Notice: FN - 27255 - Troubleshooting "Ethernet Disconnected" Messages or Power Failures on Cisco IP Telephones

Updated August 18, 2005

October 27, 2003

Products Affected

Product Top Assembly
Part Number
CP-7902G   74-3097-0x  
CP-7905G   74-3092-0x  
CP-7912G   74-3098-0x  
CP-7914=   68-1336-0x  
CP-7940G   68-1735-0x  
CP-7960G   68-1679-0x  

Serial Numbers

Sequential #
From INM0649xxxx To INM0716xxxx

Problem Description

Cisco IP Telephones which included certain vendor components may fail to power or display an "Ethernet Disconnected" message.
Engineering analysis predicts that phones with the faulty components will fail within 90 days of successful deployment.
This issue will primarily affect the CP-7905 phone, but a small number of failures may also arise with the other Cisco IP Telephones listed in the Products Affected section above.  


Vendor components outside of Cisco specifications were included in a limited number of Cisco IP Telephones. These components, if included, will cause the Cisco IP Telephone to fail within 90 days of a successful deployment.  

Problem Symptoms

The Cisco IP Telephone may either fail to power up or power cycle while displaying the message: Ethernet Disconnected. This issue will primarily affect the Cisco CP-7905G IP Telephone running on inline power.

A failure of this nature on the CP-7902G Phone, which has no LCD display, will instead result in either no lights illuminating or alternating red and green blinking lights on the LED panel during the phone startup sequence.  


This issue affects a very small number of Cisco IP Telephones which were shipped to customers, and will primarily affect the CP-7905 phone.
If you are experiencing issues with the Ethernet Disconnected message or with power failures and your phone serial number falls within the affected serial number range, please perform the following troubleshooting steps to ensure your phone is affected by this issue.

Users experiencing an Ethernet Disconnected message, or LED combination described for the CP-7902G in the Problem Symptoms section, should test their phone with a known good local are network (LAN) cable and RJ-45 port. If the error message remains after the phone restarts, use the return materials authorization (RMA) process to replace the affected IP Phone.

Users experiencing a power failure of their Cisco IP Telephone should perform the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Unplug and replug the phone into its power source, either in-line power or wall power.
  2. Test the RJ-45 port and cable that the phone is plugged into to ensure the connection is still active. If possible, use a known good phone to test the in-line power at that port.

If these troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue, use the RMA process to replace the affected IP Phone.


DDTS Description
CSCec03129 7905G Ethernet Disconnected or Fails to power up

Field Repair Strategy

Cisco recommends a fix-on-fail strategy for this problem.

Products manufactured after February 20, 2004 are guaranteed to be free of this problem.

Although an upgrade program had previously been provided to replace potentially affected but otherwise working product, the upgrade program is now over and Cisco will only replace product which has actually failed. The standard RMA process should be used to replace failed product.

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