Cisco 12000 Series Routers

Field Notice: Cisco 12410 Router With Performance Route Processor (PRP-1): Redundancy Issue With

Updated January 25, 2005
August 29, 2003

Products Affected

Product Top Assembly Printed Circuit Assembly Comments
Part Number Rev. Part Number Rev.
PRP-1   800-12308-01   C0   73-5936-05   A0/A1   Cisco 12000 Series Performance Route Processor  
PRP-1=   800-12308-01   C0   73-5936-05   A0/A1   Cisco 12000 Series Performance Route Processor  
PRP-1/R   800-12308-01   C0   73-5936-05   A0/A1   Redundant PRP-1 chassis upgrade option  

Problem Description

If Online Insertion Removal (OIR) of a Clock Scheduler Card (CSC) card (either card 0 or card 1) is performed on a Cisco 12410 router equipped with a Performance Route Processor (PRP-1), not only is the CSC redundancy lost, the corresponding Switch Fabric Card (SFC) reduncancy is also lost. Full reduncancy of CSC and SFC is restored automatically as soon as the CSC card is reinserted.  


Initially the gigabit switch router (GSR) architecture was designed to support only five fabric cards in the system, such as two CSC cards and three SFC cards. Therefore the backplane connection for the line card only has five fabric present input pins.
The Cisco 12410 router is a special system since it has two CSC cards and five SFC cards.
Due to this configuration of two CSC cards and five SFC cards, the CSC0/CSC1 'present indication' is always set to be present (pulled down). All of Cisco's line cards except for the PRP-1 look at the signal as is and make a decision to loopback the serializer/deserializer (SerDes) based on that indication.
The PRP-1, however, has a pull up on it and can create an unstable situation with regards to the present buffer.

Problem Symptoms

When a CSC is physically removed from a Cisco 12410 chassis equipped with PRP's , there is a voltage at the input of the present buffer, which causes this input to become unstable. When this happens, the SerDes of SFC0 is put in loopback and the PRP-1's start seeing errors on that channel, initiating error recovery code and turning off the SFC card associated with the removed CSC card.  


For the install base, there is no software work around for this situation. With no additional failure in the SFCs, traffic will flow normally. Also insertion back of the CSC card, even if a faulty card, would cause the SFC to resume operation.

Customers who wish to return their cards can do so by requesting RMAs with the failure type MFGN. As of 1/25/2005, the Umpire program to replace affected PRP-1= cards has been closed.


DDTS Description
CSCeb11152 CSC:OIR:''SFC state=Card NOT Powered; power off bad fab card'' error message.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

To determine if this Field Notice applies to your cards enter the show diag command to identify the HW levels. For example:
show diag
SLOT 4 (RP/LC 4 ): Performance Route Processor
MAIN: type 96, 800-12308-01 rev 71
Deviation: 0
HW config: 0x00 SW key: 00-00-00
PCA: 73-5936-05 rev 71 ver 4
Design Release 0.0 S/N SAD061703XL
MBUS: MBUS Agent (1) 73-2146-07 rev B0 dev 0
HW version 1.2 S/N CAT0046024N
Test hist: 0x00 RMA#: 00-00-00 RMA hist: 0x00
DIAG: Test count: 0x00000000 Test results: 0x00000000
FRU: Linecard/Module: PRP-1=
Route Memory: MEM-PRP/LC-2048=
MBUS Agent Software version 01.51 (RAM) (ROM version is 02.17)
ROM Monitor version 16908288
Primary clock is CSC 1 Board is analyzed
Board State is IOS Running (ACTV RP )
Insertion time: 00:00:00 (00:05:59 ago)
DRAM size: 2147483648 bytes

Other Considerations

Technical verification of issue:
Console output seen during lab recreation:
- Test: Secondary CSC card removed:
00:11:34: %FABRIC-3-ERR_HANDLE: Due to CRC error from slot 4,shutdown the fabric card on slot 18
00:11:34: %MBUS-6-FABCONFIG: Switch Cards 0x7F (bitmask)
Primary Clock is CSC_1
Fabric Clock is Redundant
Bandwidth Mode : Full Bandwidth
Router#show gsr
Slot 18 type = Switch Fabric Card(10) OC-192
state = Card NOT Powered; power off bad fab card
00:12:08: %MBUS-6-OIR: Clock Scheduler Card(10) OC-192 Removed from Slot 16
00:12:08: %MBUS-6-FABCONFIG: Switch Cards 0x7A (bitmask)
Primary Clock is CSC_1
Fabric Clock is Non Redundant
Slot 18 type = Switch Fabric Card(10) OC-192
state = Card NOT Powered; power off bad fab card

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