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Basic IP/TV Configuration and Demonstration

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Updated: Oct 08, 2006



Cisco IP/TV is a client/server software product that efficiently and reliably streams live or prerecorded audio and video over existing IP networks to an unlimited number of desktops.

IP/TV is a network-based application that delivers live or prerecorded, on-demand or scheduled programs to an unlimited number of users over any IP-based local- or wide-area network. Synchronized presentations and screen captures are also supported, in addition to a wide range of video management functions.

IP/TV consists of three separate components:

  • IP/TV Viewer

  • IP/TV Content Manager

  • IP/TV Server

The IP/TV Viewer is the client component and is available as software only. Both IP/TV Content Manager and IP/TV Server components are available either as a software-only option or as a hardware appliance. As a software-only option, these components must be run on Third party PC systems that meet the minimum requirements of the specific IP/TV component.

Note: The Program Guide is optional, and is not necessary in order to demonstrate the capabilities of multicast technology. The Program Guide is helpful for configuration and program management.



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Install and Configure the IP/TV Viewer

The IP/TV Viewer resides on the client and allows you to view programs. A program is an audio, video, or text transmission over the network. The IP/TV Viewer has a customizable user interface that displays a list of scheduled and on-demand programs. The IP/TV Viewer allows you to subscribe to any of the listed programs, and plays the program at the scheduled or requested time. You can also browse among all currently running programs.

The IP/TV Viewer obtains program information from the IP/TV Content Manager, and displays programs served by the IP/TV Server or other servers. The IP/TV Viewer can also display programs multicast from the Multicast Backbone (MBone) of the Internet or from other servers that transmit in MBone-compatible format.

The IP/TV Viewer can run as a standalone application, a helper application activated by a web browser, or a browser plug-in. The IP/TV Viewer is available as software only and runs on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows XP.

Refer to the Cisco IP/TV Viewer User Guide for more information on how to install and use IP/TV Viewer.

Install the IP/TV Server

The IP/TV Server, which is controlled by the IP/TV Content Manager, serves and records programs. The IP/TV Server multicasts and records scheduled programs, unicasts on-demand programs, and transfers files according to the schedules defined in the IP/TV Content Manager.

The installation of the client and server includes some sample configuration files.

  • Use SAMPLE.AVI in order to set up your first scheduled or On-Demand program.

Note: You must install the server and the client on different PCs.

  1. From the Server, select File > Launch Session and choose sample.avi.

    Wait for the server to start to send data. You do not see a picture of the data going out of the server, but you do see the numbers for data output start to rise.

  2. From the viewer machine, select File > Open and choose sample.avi.

    A new TV-style window opens, and the video begins.

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Updated: Oct 08, 2006
Document ID: 12121