Cisco CSS 11500 Series Content Services Switches

Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco CSS 115xx ODM

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Updated: Jul 09, 2006



This document provides the procedure to clear NVRAM storage of configuration information and remove the password on the Cisco CSS 115xx Offline Diagnostic Monitor (ODM).

The NVRAM storage also contains the administrative password used to access the ODM, and is needed to obtain access in the event that the password is not recoverable. You can use the procedure in this document in the event that the password is irrecoverable.



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Step-by-Step Procedure

Complete these steps to clear a password if one is set when you try to enter ODM.

This procedure erases NVRAM setting. You need to set your management IP address, boot address, boot record, and any technician passwords.

These steps clear out the password so that it is not needed to enter the ODM.

  1. This message appears while you boot.

    Copyright (1998-2002), Cisco Systems, Inc
    Locked boot flash.
    Validating operational boot flash, please wait...
    Operational boot flash valid.  Jumping to operational boot flash.
    Copyright (1998-2002), Cisco Systems, Inc
    Operational boot flash.
    Attaching interrupt handlers...Done.
    Master SCM.
    Built Mar 21 2003 @ 21:44:18
    Version 7.20 Build 3
    Press  to <ESC> the Diagnostic Monitor
    Would you like to access the Diagnostic Monitor? (Y)y
    Aborting boot up
    APdebugMon 01/01>
  2. When the BootRom.... booting appears in the output, the user is prompted to Press <ESC> to enter the Diagnostic Monitor. Enter the <ESC> key.

  3. When the ESC key is pressed, the user is prompted for Would you like to access Diagnostic Monitor .

    Note: This query is asked for few seconds.

  4. TypeY to go into ApdebugMon> prompt.

  5. Type Main;pio;nvrm;nclr;reb and press <cr> after you enter into the ApdebugMon prompt.

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Updated: Jul 09, 2006
Document ID: 41140