Evolved Programmable Network (EPN)

Open Network Strategy for Service Providers

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Gain a Simpler, More Profitable Infrastructure

A new architectural approach for service provider networks has emerged to profitably manage the Internet of Everything. This approach relies on an open network environment for service providers, an openly programmable environment for converging hardware and virtual software technologies.

Cisco's vision of an open network environment consists of three integrated layers: the Evolved Programmable Network (EPN), Evolved Services Platform (ESP), and the overall applications and services layer. The foundation of a Cisco open network environment is the Evolved Programmable Network (EPN).

For the past decade, next-generation networks have been built out to handle the massive demand for bandwidth and connectivity. Underpinned by next-generation networks and the evolution of network technologies, the EPN combines networking, compute, and storage capabilities to form a more agile, more simple, and more profitable infrastructure.

What Is an Evolved Programmable Network?

The Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) is the foundation for Cisco's open network environment framework. The EPN is the infrastructure layer consisting of physical and virtual devices working together to form an end-to-end unified fabric for a programmable network.

The EPN is designed to converge edge, core, transport, and data center functions using our industry-leading portfolio of technologies. It helps enable new possibilities for service providers to create new revenue models, simplify operations, and deliver new experiences with the Internet of Everything.

Meet Network Scale and Policy Needs

Meet Network Scale and Policy Needs

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Transform Your Infrastructure

Transform Your Infrastructure

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