Mobile Internet

Verizon Wireless

Cisco and Verizon Wireless are working together to market new solutions for use on the Verizon Wireless 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network.

Cisco at the Verizon LTE Innovation Center Videos

Verizon Wireless established the Long Term Evolution (LTE) Innovation Center to facilitate a multidisciplinary, collaborative community with a goal of developing tomorrow's nontraditional products and services using the advanced broadband capabilities of the Verizon Wireless next-generation network.

Cisco's significant investment in the LTE Innovation Center as a Premier Participant helps shape the future of the mobile Internet. This investment creates unprecedented value and opportunity for Verizon Wireless and its customers. As mobile multimedia adoption continues its rapid growth, Cisco looks forward to partnering with Verizon Wireless to increase service options and enhance service delivery.

Cisco and Verizon Wireless are working together at the LTE Innovation Center to quickly develop new and innovative solutions for use on Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network. The Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center is a catalyst to help designers and developers create new possibilities for the way we work, live, play, and learn.

As a Premier Participant, Cisco has provided engineers and subject matter experts to work alongside Verizon Wireless counterparts in the Innovation Center. In particular, Cisco has developed several showcase demonstrations of how LTE is changing the mobile Internet. These innovative demonstrations are on permanent display in the Innovation Center.

Here are some of the technologies that are powering Cisco's LTE demonstrations:

Cisco also provides many of the underlying infrastructure solutions and technologies that supply the Innovation Center with scalable and virtual network resources. These solutions support developer community in creating applications that optimize the power of LTE. These Cisco solutions include:

  • Cisco Evolved Packet Core - for the LTE Innovation Center lab network - identical to the commercial network - and for use by the ecosystem of technology developers accessing the center's technical and business development resources.
  • Cisco Digital Media Manager (DMM) - flexibly manages video content assets and creates playlists to HD displays throughout the Innovation Center.
  • Cisco Digital Media Player (DMP) - highly-reliable, IP endpoints that play HD live and on-demand video and dynamic content on digital displays.
  • Cisco TelePresence - helps you transform your business through the adoption of pervasive interactive video. Visitors to the Innovation Center can experience the solution's high-quality, life-like video in the Boardroom as well as when interacting with the Center's Virtual Concierge.
  • Cisco SP Data Center and Virtualization - Cisco products, technologies, and designs form a foundation for Service Provider higher-value cloud services. Key Cisco data center solutions provide virtualized compute resources to the Innovation Center's developer community such as Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Nexus 7000 and Nexus 5000 Series Switches.
  • Cisco Wireless LAN solutions - Cisco controller modules, access points, security, and network management solutions provide a highly secure enterprise-class wireless system.
  • Cisco at Verizon CES Booth 2011 - Verizon Wireless joins Cisco to deliver the 4G version of Cisco Cius and add 4G LTE Wireless video, voice, and data services to Cisco Integrated Services Router G2.
  • Cisco at Verizon LTE Innovation Center Grand Opening.
  • Innovative Speaker Series - Cisco and Verizon Wireless are sponsoring a Thought Leader speaker series addressing topics in LTE Innovation. More details will be available soon.