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Deliver a Cloud Efficiently

The best-of-breed infrastructure approach of Cisco CloudVerse offers lower TCO.

Deliver a Cloud Efficiently

LightReading Reveals Groundbreaking Test Results

Light Reading, along with European Advanced Network Test Center (EANTC), validated the Cisco CloudVerse architecture in the industry's most comprehensive public cloud test. The test included data center, network, business, and consumer applications. They were planned over six months, tested over the course of eight weeks, and combined 25 test segments.

The industry's most comprehensive cloud test, assessing end-to-end data center, network, and applications capabilities tests, allowed EANTC to validate many industry firsts, including:

  • Policy-based, granular security for multi-tenancy and mobility beyond basic VLAN-based implementations
  • Auto-determination of best resources and path using Cisco Network Positioning System based on proximity, performance, and cost policies
  • Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)-based workload portability with preserved IP addresses and path optimization
  • 3000 km 100 Gbps coherent error-free transmit without regeneration for lower TCO when connecting long-distance in Data Center-to-Data Center interconnect


Additional Information

Delivering cloud services with confidence requires a complex set of architectures that spans from the data center to deep within the network. Cisco CloudVerse comprises a powerful set of capabilities that can enable customers to build private, public, and hybrid clouds along with offering new cloud services and applications dynamically, and on demand.

By uniquely combining the three pillars of Cisco cloud technologies-Cloud Applications and Services, Unified Data Center, and Cloud Intelligent Network-Cisco CloudVerse can deliver an integrated architecture that helps customers realize the promise of a world of many clouds. This architecture also connects people and organizations with an assured cloud experience. The following four videos give background on each aspect of the Cloud Mega Test.

Deliver a Cloud Efficiently

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