Cloud Intelligent Network

BT Secures the Cloud

Find out how BT used the cloud to combine voice and data security into one solution. (2:36 min)

BT Secures the Cloud

The key to providing public, virtual private, or hybrid cloud solutions to your customers is ensuring that applications and resources are delivered on time and without interruption.

The Cloud Intelligent Network (CIN) is based on Cisco experience and leadership in routing, switching, and network management. It allows you to effectively meet the growing complexity and demands of the movement to cloud-based services.

With the Cloud Intelligent Network, you will be able to:

  • Connect data centers to better share and balance resources
  • Provide multi-tiered service level agreements to your customers and guarantee levels of performance
  • Integrate the network with the Unified Data Center to deliver a powerful user experience

This solution is founded on the three basic elements of the cloud architecture. They are:

  • Cloud to Customer Connect
  • Cloud to Cloud Connect
  • Network Management and Automation

Use the Cloud Intelligent Network to transform your already existing infrastructure into a cloud-ready service that moves beyond a best-efforts approach to content delivery.

Cloud to Customer Connect helps enable delivery of enterprise-class services to the end user by:

  • Optimizing application experience to maximize your user experience, resource utilization, and reliability
  • Creating context-aware security to protect your business assets and end users accessing the cloud, ensure compliance, and increase business innovation
  • Simplifying operations to improve efficiency, accelerate network deployment, and lower total cost of ownership

Cloud to Cloud Connect connects clouds and optimizes the sourcing of data and content through:

  • Extending the network between data centers to balance capacity, aggregating resources, and integrating cloud services across data centers
  • Use the intelligence in the network to identify and efficiently consume the "best" resources in the cloud

Network Management and Automation helps meet the increased requirements for agility by:

  • Automating the movement of traffic through the network to create dynamic pathways that ensure the fastest possible end-to-end connection
  • Executing requests across multiple locations to reduce workload size and speed processing time
  • Controlling speed of in-route applications and services in accordance with defined service level agreements

Cisco Prime: Delivers next-generation management by supporting an intuitive workflow-oriented user experience and integrated lifecycle operations across Cisco architectures, technologies, and networks

Cisco Network Services Manager: Organizes resources into a flexible multi-tenant infrastructure that integrates the network with existing IT tools

Cisco Application Visibility and Control: Provides network-embedded granular visibility and control for over 1000 applications

Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization: Extends layer 2 domains across geographically distant data centers

Cisco Locator/ID Separation Protocol: Supports data center virtual machine mobility and IP address portability

Cisco Network Positioning System: Locates applications, services, and content for service delivery in the cloud

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