Digital Network Architecture for Cities and Communities

Transforming Urban Services

Unify the infrastructure and deliver new citizen services.

Transforming Urban Services

Improve the Local Economy and Citizen Services

Cities around the world face an increasing array of challenges: congestion, safety and security, waste and water management, and access to education and healthcare. Businesses and city managers alike are looking to technology to help them find efficient ways to provide more services with less while enhancing livability.

Cisco Digital Network Architecture for Cities and Communities serves as the foundation for creating a connected city. The Digital Network Architecture for Cities and Communities allows for a confluence of data from static sensors as well as connected objects and people. This data can inform city processes and improve the delivery of urban services and the management of infrastructure.

Digital Network Architecture for Cities and Communities also helps cities provide citizens with Internet connectivity and access to a broad range of citywide services. Well-run, culturally rich cities attract investment, business, tourism, and new residents.

City Benefits

  • More revenue and lower costs from infrastructure management
  • Better city planning and development
  • E-government services delivered to citizens, faster, and at a lower operating expense
  • Local economic development
  • Improved productivity and service

Citizen Benefits

  • Access to city services and Internet connectivity
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased access to online services

Use Cases

Citizen Services

Public Wi-Fi gives citizens the flexibility to access the Internet over a smartphone, tablet, or other device when they are in public spaces within Wi-Fi range.

City Services

Location-based services help city planners acquire near real-time data. Planners gain insight into how a city functions and how its citizens live, which can help them provide better services.

Business Services

Virtual tourist applications provide visitors with access to historical facts as well as ideas for visiting landmarks.

City commerce empowers local merchants to publish targeted offers and deals to citizens based on their location. Merchants gain a new way to position their business and value proposition.

Infrastructure Management Services

Parking applications provide citizens with information on real-time parking availability, thereby reducing congestion.

Traffic applications give traffic operators a real-time view of live traffic conditions and incidents which dramatically reduce response time and time to recovery.