Cut Travel Costs and Time


Cut Travel Costs and Time

Reduce travel time and expenses for teacher and administrative meetings by using the web and video conferencing. Enable professional development without leaving the classroom and incurring substitute teacher and travel costs by leveraging collaboration and video conferencing tools .


Efficiencies for a 21st Century Education (PDF - 457 KB)

Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning Video (4:09 min)


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21st Century Education

Online Learning

Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning

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Featured Case Study

School District Provides Remote Communications (PDF - 454 KB)
Learn how a school district uses Cisco TelePresence to create remote classrooms.


Cisco TelePresence for Schools
Two-way or multipoint interactive video facilitates collaborative teaching and learning.

WebEx for Schools
Provides schools with flexible instruction and extended reach online.


Services for Video in Education
Assess your infrastructure with Cisco Medianet Readiness Assessment Service.