Enabling Blended and Distance Learning Environments

The Flipped Classroom

Empowering students to take charge of their learning. (PDF - 1.4 MB)

The Flipped Classroom

Blended and Distance Learning

The world of learning is moving towards video. Video is helping schools overcome distance and financial barriers to expand curriculum options, maximize scarce resources, increase student engagement, improve outcomes and deliver the type of education required for 21st-century global citizens.

With virtual learning experiences, students can meet students locally and abroad, and travel on virtual field trips. In addition, teachers gain easier access to teaching resources, without the cost and inconvenience of travel


Technologies for Next-Generation Learning (PDF - 192 KB)

Forward-Thinking Education (PDF - 404 KB)

Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning (Video - 4:09 min)

Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning Video

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Watch upcoming or on demand webcasts featuring schools.

Online Learning

21st Century Education

Case Studies

Snyder Independent School District

Texas schools use distance learning to inspire students. (PDF - 191 KB)

Itasca Area Schools Collaborative

Minnesota uses video technology to bring classes to their rural schools. (PDF - 741 KB)


Telepresence for Schools

Two-way or multipoint interactive video facilitates collaborative teaching and learning.

WebEx for Schools

Provides schools with flexible instruction and extended reach online.

Digital Media System

Get an easy-to-use, customizable digital
signage, desktop video, and Enterprise TV.

Telepresence Synch

Convert your standard interactive whiteboard
into a powerful multifunction collaboration tool.


Services for Video in Education

Enhance student engagement and teacher development, and boost efficiencies with video.