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Address Data Security Threats

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Address Data Security Threats

Secure Data Center Portfolio

As enterprise businesses transform their data centers and accelerate their journey to the cloud, they are also challenged to add services and capitalize on new business opportunities.

Meanwhile, they face an unprecedented rise in targeted custom attacks known as advanced security threats (APTs). Today's data center operational models have seen a 3000 percent increase in network connections per second and over 100,000 new security threats every day.

Unfortunately, traditional security solutions have been complex and fragmented across the enterprise, making businesses reluctant or unable to address these risks.

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You need a strategy to solve these problems and deploy a solution that can protect your business today and into the future.

The Secure Data Center Portfolio is a portfolio of solutions that provides design and implementation guidance for enterprises that want to deploy physical and virtualized workloads in their data centers. Using our solutions can provide exceptional protection to address today's advanced data security threats. The solution portfolio covers a number of interrelated solutions.

These resources can help security and system architects, network design engineers, advanced specialists, and customers:

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