Cisco Threat Defense

Cyber Threat Defense Overview

Gain visibility into Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other attacks. (Video - 3:09 min)

Cyber Threat Defense Overview
Cyber Threat Defense Overview

Gain Visibility into Advanced Persistent Threats

Cisco Cyber Threat Defense focuses on the most complex, dangerous information security threats, which lurk in networks for months or years, stealing vital information and disrupting operations.

It exposes these threats by identifying suspicious network traffic patterns within the network interior. Then, it provides contextual information about the attack, users, identity, and more - all visible from a single pane of glass.

For more information on Cisco Threat Defense, please review the data sheet and read the Cyber Threat Defense 1.1 Cisco Validated Design.

What You'll See

Through Cisco Cyber Threat Defense, security analysts learn about advanced attacks, including:

  • Network reconnaissance, which probes the network to exploit attack vectors through custom-crafted cyber threats
  • Network interior malware proliferation, which spreads malware across hosts to gather security reconnaissance data
  • Command and control traffic, which communications between the attacker and compromised internal hosts
  • Data exfiltration, which exports sensitive information back to the attacker, generally through command and control communications

How It Works

Cisco Cyber Threat Defense safeguards your network by:

  • Providing threat defense in the network interior, home to the most elusive and dangerous threats
  • Helping enable scalable, ubiquitous, and cost-effective security telemetry throughout the network, using NetFlow data
  • Simplifying error-prone and expensive manual threat investigation processes
  • Using existing Cisco switch, router, and ASA 5500 network footprint

Solution Components

The Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution is built on the following components:

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